Nintendo’s Best Industrial Design

Granted, this could all change when Nintendo drops its fifth generation console currently dubbed Revolution, but which Nintendo home console do you feel has the best industrial design? Forget graphics, the games, everything. What is the best designed system in terms of aesthetics, usability and quality product?


  1. i really liked the redesign of the super nintendo even though it didnt have an eject button like the older model did.

  2. I thought the GameBoy pocket was really amazing when I first got it in my hands. At the time nothing that technologically advanced had ever been that small and thin.

  3. I’ve always liked the look of the N64. Even now, I think it’s the only one of these four consoles that look cool at all, if you disregard retro cool-ness (in which case the SNES and NES are also cool).

  4. I’d chime in with those sentiments too. Both the S/NES have that retro chic appeal. But in terms of the best industrial design, it has to be the N64 for me. I think that rectangular form factor (NES and N64) with the console lying flat on a surface will always have that classic look about it as well as being the most practical.

  5. I’d say Nintendo is getting better with age. For me at least, it’s hard to kind of look past the sentiments/acheivements of each console and look JUST at the design alone. I mean, the NES changed console gaming forever, but does it look good now? Not really, it’s bulky, big, has hard edges…the colors aren’t too appealing either. Do I love it? Hell yes, it means a lot to me and others…but that’s because it’s a nostalgic peice of hardware to most of us. I think the Gamecube takes the cake. Theres an actual “theme” with it, it’s simple, small, clean lines, it’s not intimidating, there are no curves but it doesn’t look too masculine, I like the contrast of colors for the memory card/controller slots….the only thing I don’t like is the lid, the less moving parts the better. The N64 isn’t all that distinct, it looks confused to me (not the controller). The SNES is my second pick, for the time I think the design was very appropriate/spot on.

  6. I gotta go with the Gamecube as well. Portable, functional, and sturdy as hell. Also, it’s the only disc-based system to have the foresight to use a top-loading disc drive (barring the Dreamcast, that is…)

    A story to illustrate my point: some friends of mine were playing a game one time, and I accidentally tripped over the power cord. The cube fell off the TV stand onto the ground, landing on its side. The game went on as if nothing had happened. Sturdy…

  7. I would have to say the Panasonic Q. It was built by Panasonic but it is a Gamecube and I’m pretty sure it was designed by the Nintendo crew. The Panasonic Q is hot all silver, then a mirror finish front plate with blue led display panel as well as blue rings around the controller ports, very sleek and sexy. If that does no count then i would have to say the Famicom. I just love it the colors the toy like quality, you pick it up and you immediately know its a piece of Japanese hardware, classic.

  8. To digress a little, I think the standard controller for the GameCube is an awesome design from an aesthetic standpoint. Every time I look at the controller sitting on my table, it just looks like “fun” and I want to play.

  9. Gamecube: small, robust, portable, funny colors.

  10. Consoles only: the GameCube… can’t beat that handle!

    All hardware: the micro, by far!!


    Only the US version of the SNES looked like that. The Super Famicom, (and the version we got here in Europe) had a much sleeker smoothed design. They were under the belief at the time (possibly correctly) that the American consumer prefered hard angular shapes. I would rate this version of the SNES ( my favourite Nintendo design, closely followed by N64. Though Revolution is certainly delectible. As is DS lite.

  12. @ famicom83
    I find the Panasonic Q to be rather unappealing. My fav is the NES. It has that coolio retro look.

    P.S. Sorry for the double post.

  13. 1. N64

    2. SNES

    3. NES

    4. GCN

  14. I’ve got to go with the Gamecube. It is the only home system they’ve made that is even the slightest bit aesthetically pleasing. The NES designed well? Hell no. The SNES? God no. It’s like they weren’t even trying back then. Big ugly greay boxes and childish colorful buttons. I’m so glad to see that Nintendo is finally dropping the toy image they give to ther systems. The SNES looked retarded next to a Genesis. I love Nintendo but when it comes to industrial design SEGA always had them beat. Nintendo’s systems were always the ugliest, the worst being the N64 with it’s absurd controller. At least the system itself looked a bit better, but that controller, God! The gamecube has the most ergonomically fitted controller I think I’ve ever used. The design actually looks to me like a neat piece of electronics, not a child’s toy in the least. I just still think the gamecube should have lost the idiotic colorful buttons. I’m not retarded.

    But if we go into handhelds then I think their best system design is easily the GBA SP. That thing is genius.

  15. Well, I like the SNES design very much…

    NOT the US SNES design, but the European. It’s nice and pretty sleek =)

    But the GC pwns all me thinks ^^

  16. You know what’s crazy? How Anon 2:14’s comment lost me halfway. He pretty much threw me out the car he was in.

  17. I don’t like the design of the GameCube. I look at the buttons for the cube and I get hungery for candy. Personaly I believe, the SNES controller owns.

    I believe the DS lite looks the best by far. As far ad I’m concerned, the Nintendo DS was the system most needed of a redesign.

  18. Actually, I thanked the heavens that the Gamecube’s controller had colors. I can’t recall the number of times that I would be playing with the “non-gamers” and would have to tell them:

    “Ok, now, to get your kart to go you hold down that big green button. And then you press down the red one to stop.”

    “Wow, mister! That’s just like street lights!”

    “Yes, Little Timmy. Exactly like street lights.”

  19. The N64 is my favourite! Followed by the SNES. The SNES controller is my favourite followed by the N64’s.


    @ Poop, Master of All He Surveys

    Should I call you poop or shit face?

    I’m sorry you don’t like the Q, frankly I don’t care what you like, you simply dont have any taste I guess lmao.

    The Panasonic Q beats all these systems by far, any one and everyone who has seen my video game collection always stops and looks at the Q, they dont believe that its a Game Cube. I guess the masses have spoken. Everyone forgets Nintendo has released 20 systems (including revolution) and everyone is only choosing from NES, SNES, N64, Cube,

    How bout yall do some research! I sugest you start looking at Color TV Games 1970’s and the Twin Famicoms!

    Technically the NES and Famicom are two different systems, they look different, they play different, their components are placed and wired differently.

  21. Famicom 83, you need some acupuncture to release some of that pent up stress trying to escape your body.

    I’m’a go with Virtual Boy, just cuz I feel like being retarded.

  22. The Super Famicom / European Snes.

    Awesome ID, years ahead of it’s time. I have no idea why it was butchered for the North American market.

    The Snes also had one of the best controllers ever.. top notch.

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