Nintendo’s Baseball Revolution

Is Nintendo’s Pennant Chase Baseball coming to the Revolution? That’s what some sources are saying. Aussie-Nintendo writes: “A source close to Nintendo, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims Nintendo has a secret up its sleeve when it comes to its exclusive GameCube baseball game, Nintendo Pennant Chase Baseball, which was mysteriously and abruptly ‘delayed indefinitely’ mid last year. We’ve been told that since the disappearance of the game, Nintendo has definitely pushed the title to its next-generation console, where it will debut as their premiere sporting launch title.”

Freestyling digital bats? I’m in.


  1. As long as Papi’s still on the cover, I’m all for it!

  2. I wonder if the same could be said of that really nice-looking Gamecube Kirby game that kind of disappeared a while back. Hmm… Unless that mysteriously came out without my knowledge.

  3. The side-scrolling Kirby game is still coming out I believe, if not I guess it will be for the Rev.

    As for the baseball news… that will be AWESOME. Swing and a miss (by pressing more than A)!

  4. This is exactly the kind of news we all want to hear! With the new controller, these kind of posibilities (holding the new pad like a baseball bat) will propel Nintendo way past the current gamer market and rule :0

    I for one can’t wait >_<

  5. Just think…bunting, downward swing for a grounder and RBI. At first I was like whatever, but the more i think about it the cooler it sounds.

  6. That’s a great rumor, but, honestly, it seems as though anyone could have guessed that after first seeing Pennant Chase disappear, and then seeing the controller. The two go together so perfectly that Nintendo would have to be completely insane not to go with it. One other bit of speculation- since the game was almost completely finished mid-last-year, they should have tons and tons of time to tweak it for the Revolution. Hopefully, this will be the most awesome baseball game since High Heat 2001

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