Nyko Promises Superior, Uglier Wii Remote

Nyko is a Wii accessory juggernaut. After giving us a zapper alternative that actually looks like a real gun, a wireless nunchuk, and a wireless Classic Controller, Nyko finishes their off brand accessory lineup with a Wii Remote alternative – “The Wand.”

In addition to the speaker, motoin control, and standard button layout of the official Wii-Remote controller, the Wand boasts larger buttons, and what Nyko calls “Trans-Port” technology.  The “trans-port” allows you to “transport” Wii Remote button presses to other accessories.  The pun sure is lame, but end result may give the Wand a leg-up over the offical controller – it means a Zapper accessory with a electronic button behind the trigger rather then a physical lever designed to press the “B button.”   Any button on the Wand can be re-mapped to a corresponding button on compatable accessories – it could mean some interesting accessories in the future. It sure looks weird though.  “The Wand” will hit store shelves in April.

Head past the break for a photo of the Wand’s “zapper” accessory and a press release.

Press Release:

The Wandâ„¢

The Nyko Wand is the world’s most advanced alternative to the Wii Remote™ and has been designed from the ground up for superior functionality, comfort, and value. The new controller maintains all of the control functions Wii gamers expect with full motion-sensing capability, pointer functionality, vibration feedback, and a built-in speaker, while offering a variety of new features.

The Wand contains Nyko’s all-new Trans-Port™ technology, which enables control and vibration feedback to be electrically replicated on a compatible attachment accessory, providing for faster and more accurate input response. Current attachments made for the Wii Remote can only access buttons through use of mechanical triggers and provide no vibration feedback. One of the many potential uses of Trans-Port technology is a pistol grip that connects to the Wand and electrically replicates key action buttons, providing controls not currently accessible with attachments for the Wii Remote. In addition, enlarged 1 and 2 buttons make the Wand an exceptional choice for classic gaming control when turned sideways, complete with Nyko’s signature rubberized battery cover to ensure maximum comfort and grip.

The Wand will be available at select retail stores nationwide in April, 2009.

21 Responses to Nyko Promises Superior, Uglier Wii Remote

  1. cmdg says:

    Reminds me of the listening wands curators give you when you visit special museum exhibits.

  2. Reynard says:

    That… really is monumentally ugly.

  3. benthedorklord says:

    i don’t get it. what makes it different from a regular wii remote, aside from aesthetic?

  4. Craig says:

    I’m not sure what kind of design they were going for, but the remote doesn’t look good at all. Square buttons? Why does the D pad have a random square in the middle of it also?

    That being said Nyko is probably the top 3rd party manufacturer for the Wii right now as far as sales are concerned.

  5. Jamie says:

    I won’t be getting that.. I’d just end up hiding it in a draw ashamed of owning it…
    I do however love the nunchuk, wireless nunchuks are the way forward. no more hitting yourself in the face with cable whilst playing party games!

  6. Jonkind says:

    I’m getting a headache just looking at that thing.

    Give me Apple-esque simplistic designs any day.

  7. AC says:

    the transport tech is interesting. now the question is, how for example are they going to implement their gun that is going to be compatible to the wand. i would assume it would need some buttons, otherwise what are you going to transport the control to? just the trigger button?

  8. AC says:

    the enlarged buttons are a good idea too.

  9. AC says:

    agreed jamie, i haven’t played using a wired nunchuck for a long time now. i won’t go back. unfortunately, i only have one for myself, any friends over will have to deal with the wire. in any case, nyko is really putting some thought in, and giving nintendo a run for their money. that is good, maybe nintendo will finally start to work harder, and come up with their own ideas. at this point in time, though, i would hold off until nintendo releases wii motion plus. that attachment may not even be compatible.

  10. Jack says:

    Educated guess: Nyko had to make the wand look this way because of a previous lawsuit with Nintendo over their wireless nunchuck attachment. Part of that settlement required Nyko that make their accessories in such a way that they could not possibly be confused with Nintendo products. IIRC, that is.

  11. Soup says:

    My questions is, why didn’t they go farther with altering the button scheme? Maybe move the + and – keyes up higher so they’re closer to the A button, and thus easier to hit from the thumb’s natural resting position? Would have been distinct, _and_ served a purpose.

    Ah well

  12. Noremakk says:

    Too bad the Wand is butt-ugly.

  13. @Soup:

    While the + and – buttons can be hard to hit, I don’t think it’s practical to move them near the A button. Accidentally hitting pause over and over when trying to hit A would become infuriating.

    On another note, doesn’t the official Wii Remote already do something very similar to “Trans-port” technology? The Nunchuk has its own buttons… the Classic controller has its own buttons… couldn’t Nintendo just release a premium Zapper, etc, that had its own “buttons”? Sure, the shell is cheaper because there are no electronic components in it, but a peripheral having its own independent buttons already exists in the official Nintendo hardware. Nintendo just isn’t using it to the fullest potential. Nyko has decided to put a marketing spin on it, so good for them.

  14. DaveRage says:

    They should have partnered with Hasbro and made it a Transformer.

  15. Andrew G. says:

    It’s too hideous for me to actually consider buying, which is kind of shallow of me to say. But that’s the truth.

  16. burndive says:

    What would get them sales is if they built the extra motion sensor in (Wii Motion Plus).

  17. Jon says:

    Craig says:
    ” Why does the D pad have a random square in the middle of it also? ”

    Because the + shaped d-pad is trademarked to Nintendo!

    as read on http://www.axess.com/twilight/console/ :

    [Sega Master System’s controller] buttons and has a differently shaped directional pad (Nintendo’s cross shape is patented.)

    That’s why!
    Think of the Playstation D-Pad (4 arrows)
    or the X-box one (round shape)

  18. AC says:

    instant awesome, i’m assuming ‘transport’ tech is wireless. unless i’m reading it wrong.

  19. HDmaverick says:

    The most beautiful thin I ever seen!

    I’ll take one in a mute color schem… it is quite ugly yet this will be better than slice bread.

    Look you see that? The trigger is a real trigger not some plastic thing that could break! Or better yet it becomes the smallest Wii gun out!

    Also if the buttons are mappable thing they could really make stuff that could not be possible with a normal Wii controller. The mapping option is needed in many games also, hopefully this can be used with the remote by it self.

    It seems lots of you guys are missing the point of mappable buttons. This means the whole remote and be encased in a plastic mold and all of the hidden buttons can be mapped to what ever you are holding! A controller industrial designers dream come true!

    I mean really if they wanted to they could make you really change magazines on your gun to reload since it will be a button. You could actually pump the pump on a shot gun to load a shell. But best of all they could make a real power glove *GASP* with the use of the motion plus!

    Seriously this is big, now people must test it to see if it works! Ugly or not if they make a cool shell then it’s over for the other guys! If conduit lets you use two wii motes for two gun one of my gun will be this thing! Hopefully they make a pro version so your thumbs can get access to the buttons!

  20. @AC: There was a video floating around on the web that showed “Trans-port”… it wasn’t wireless, it was the controller port on the bottom of the remote.

  21. Lance says:

    I like Nyko for the charging station and that’s about it. I already got two nunchuks and wii-motes. I don’t see a need to buy a third wii mote that has nothing special about it. Hell the wireless classic controller isn’t all that either. I use my GCN controller for my classic gaming and I seem to be enjoying my Wii just fine without all these extras littering my gaming space. Another device not worth money to me.

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