Nintendogs in the UK

If you’re living in the UK and have some spare time around 12 – 8 PM every day until Friday (oh, and you own a DS,) you’ll have a chance to meet Pip, Miyamoto’s Nintendog.

At the Lakside Thurrock Shopping Centre, there will be a Nintendogs promotion being held every day this week (Oct 24-28,) and Miyamato’s dog Pip will be there to interact with your own digital pup. If you make a cameo, you’ll also be able to download a voice recording by the father of Mario, as well as receive a special gift for your pixelated puppy!

Obviously, Nintendo is trying to wrench control of the UK from Sony’s hands. The PSP is exceedingly popular there according to European gamers as Sony has a very strong presence in the media. In any case, if anyone manages to get down their and meet Pip, drop a comment!

[by Nicholas B, Source: Euro Gamer]


  1. Isn’t Miyamoto’s dog named Pik? (that’s the name of his real-life dog and the name of the dog belonging to “Shiggy” in the game)

  2. There’s a Shiggy? Must be diff for the 3 versions.

    This is the third different Nintendog of his i’ve seen. This one, the E3 one in heat, and the one from the NWS. I wonder if he’s ever touched either of the ones not from E3. That’s 3 diff copies of the game, folks.

  3. I read that Shiguru’s dog is Pikku in real life. My sis has “Chihuahua”, a friend has “Dachshund” and I have “Lab” and we all have Shiggy and Pik. (USA)

    I am sure that the name change to Pip may be a localization modification Nintendo made. I could be wrong.

  4. That’s cause Nintendo sold like crap, and Playstations are everywhere in the UK. (Remeber at one point, Harry Potter’s cousin had three Playstations!)

  5. Playing the game is pretty easy. More importantly, the game is realistic as if a player has a real dog. This can be played during power interuptions when the real Nintendo can’t be played. In addtiion, it is portable enough to be hand carried.

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