IGN plays Smash Bros Brawl – gets butt kicked by nostalgia

bowserpwndbyexcitebike.jpgIGN’s Mark Bozon, Matt Casamassina, and Craig Harris wrote up their initial hands on impressions of Super Smash Bros Brawl.  It’s a nice little piece and includes a few things we haven’t heard about from the Dojo site.  Bozon mentioned the use of assist trophies that we’ve heard of (Excitebike), but also new ones from Drill Dozer and Advance Wars.  This led to my favorite line from the article, courtesy of Bozon:

There were multiple times within the fight where we got our butts kicked simply because we were captivated by nostalgia; priceless.

He also spills the beans on controller customization; you’ll be able to map any move to any button on whichever controller you decide to use.  All three writers claim that their favorite control scheme so far was using the Wii Remote sideways, retro style.  I’m pretty surprised, especially since this got the lowest number of votes from a poll we ran.

It all sounds so good.  Does it sound like Smash Bros Brawl will satisfy your expectations?