Nintendogs: Best Friends Ed.

Here’s the goods on Nintendogs best friends edition courtesy of Flickr images. Nothing new, and I’m not too sure what to think of the pink, but it’s a nice reminder of just how good this game is.

I really need to go feed and shower my pups…lads probably ran away on me.

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  1. I still can’t believe they changed the pinks and teals that they brought over. Notice the black buttons and how much darker it is?

  2. Roon, your so right I was extremely disappointed with the changes they made with it over the Japan version. The colour is too dark, the buttons are black instead of white, the back of the DS is Black not the white, and the stylus is black and not white.
    I want a white DS and thought the pink was a good second choice but with the changes they have made to it. I am not buying it.

  3. I didn’t even notice the base’s color changes. Ur right. I loved the Candy Pink from Jap. They best not do this to the white when it comes. Although white on a black base would look kinda cool. Just leave those buttons white.

  4. Got the Teal bundle for my mom. She loves the color especially since it matches her iPod mini! lol

    I have not seen the pink DS bundles at any of the named outlets. Oh, well.

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