FIFA Soccer 10 on Wii is heavy on goals and loaded with options

Fifa soccer 10 wii

I haven’t been interested in a simulation soccer video game since the last World Cup. And since South Africa is hosting the event next year, I have a fever to play. Thankfully, FIFA Soccer 10 on Wii satisfies that need with fluid controls, rich graphics, and an exaggerated amount of goals.

I’ve been playing the game over the last week and have yelled at the TV on many occasions already’in excitement not frustration. You can play with a classic controller, nunchuck, or remote only. I enjoy the classic controller, but shooting with a punch of the Wii remote is slightly more satisfying, although it requires a steeper learning cure.

Is the game better than Mario Strikers? Not as fun, no. But it’s a whole lot deeper, including manager modes and online multiplayer, so single players will likely get more out of this experience than they did with Strikers. And there are hundreds of teams to choose from, including nationals. So with exception to the bland soundtrack, I’m happy with the game’at least until EA releases FIFA World Cup 2010 next spring.

For a second opinion, check out IGN’s video review.


  1. the question is: better than PES on Wii?

  2. I like it better than PES. It’s less technical, but still a good balance of arcade and simulation.

  3. This game is very bright. Not passing judgment, just an observation.

  4. Oh, I see.

    Well, being a soccer fan myself, i’m going to have to pass on this one.

    I want a more realistic approach, so it’s PES on Wii and FIFA stays on 360 for me. Thanks guys.

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