Nintendo will be attending this year’s GDC, but in a slightly smaller role

Typically, it’s not so much the news that comes out of the Game Developers Conference by the insight that is important. In years past, Nintendo has had the opportunity to hold the keynote address. Just last year Satoru Iwata revealed Super Mario 3D Land and Netflix for 3DS at one one such keynote. This year Nintendo will once again be making an appearance at the show, but will be holding two, smaller, panels.

The first of these panels is titled “Thinking in 3D: The Development of Super Mario 3D Land” in which game director Koichi Hayashida will talk about how the development team behind the game used the 3D capabilities of the 3DS to properly deliver a compelling gameplay experience. During the panel Hayashida hopes to teach developers what the difference between 2D and 3D gameplay is, as well as talk about the development behind Super Mario 3D Land.

The second panel will be headed by Principal Software Engineer for Nintendo of America Steve Rabin, and will be entitled “Existential Crisis: Do We Really Need AI?” The panel will focus on the the importance of AI in video games.

This year’s GDC will be held from March 5-9 in San Fancisco, CA. The two panels will be held on March 7th and March 6th, respectively.

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