Nintendo value hits lifetime high thanks to DS, Wii

Mario coinsThink of the coin sound from Super Mario Bros. Ka-ching. Now, multiply that sound a trillion times.

That’s the sound at Nintendo today, which hit a lifetime high in terms of value thanks to the DS, Wii and its overall strategy to turn the video games industry on its collective head — in a good way.

According to people who keep track of such things, Nintendo’s market value has peaked at over JPY 10 trillion (USD 85 billion), taking it to a lifetime high. Stock rose 5.3% to JPY 71,300 today, marking a fivefold increase in the past two years.

Investors and analysts see no sign of interest in the company dropping as it ignores competition in the market by Sony and Microsoft, and continues its own strategy of expanding the games playing market into new areas.

“There’s every reason to believe Nintendo will continue to execute its strategy well in expanding the gaming industry to strengthen its position… and really keep doing what it’s been doing regardless of what competition is doing,” offered analyst Hiroshi Kamide, of KBC Securities, to Reuters. (via

Like I said. Ka-ching.