Nintendo to reveal franchise revival this week


Gamekyo today dropped a preemptive Nintendo megaton.

The site formerly known as Jeux France reports today Nintendo will be making at least one major game announcement at its fall press conference later this week.

According to Gamekyo, the game is a revival of “an old franchise that everyone is waiting for.”

Nintendo announced this week’s press conference on Sept. 17. Nintendo officially commented that the conference’s content and announcements were still being finalized.

Fact or farce, we’ll know for sure in a few days. Nintendo’s fall press conference will be held in San Francisco on Thursday, Oct. 2.


  1. E3: Take two. I guess this is where they want to reach the hardcore audience, if they hold true to all their post-E3 chatter.

  2. haven’t we been hearing the same thing since the Wii was released. Someones bound to be right about it eventually.

  3. If someone mentions Kid Icarus, I will virtually punch them in the mouth!

  4. Uh, Kid Icarus is coming, the only thing is, the press release needs to change to “an old franchise approximately 37 people have been waiting for.”

  5. I know what it is. They’re going to make a new Mega Man game.

    ….What’s that? They what? Last week?

  6. Well I’ve just been informed that they apparently already made a new Mega Man game. I guess it must have been really under the radar or something. Anyway, it’s obvious to me now what franchise they’re reviving:

    Clu-Clu Land.

  7. It’s gotta be Balloon Fight….

    Or Pilot Wings….

    River City Ransom 3D….

    Kid Icarus (sorry, I had to….)…..

    Ice Climbers….

    Donkey Kong….

    I’m struggling here….


    Star Tropics…..

  8. Kale, Mother 3 was pretty recent.

    Sorry, my bet’s on Icarus. I’m not big on old franchises.

  9. Dk Country.

  10. I would say there’s an 95% chance that it is Kid Icarus since it has been pseudo confirmed by Matt C. at IGN that this game is pretty far a long in development (and InvisibleMan you can punch yourself in the mouth b/c you know this is true). Speaking of punching… the only other franchise that I can imagine is Punch Out being a likely suspect and just maybe a few others…

    Star Fox (but it really hasn’t been that long since the DS title)

    Earthbound is a long shot and I think we’ll see ports of old titles before a new one.

    Star Tropics would be epic, but it has a pretty small following

    Pilot Wings would be a good fit for revival, but I don’t think it will drive the kind of excitment Kid Icarus would, I just hope if holds up better than the original.

  11. @Kale Wow! Nice list! Personally, I’m thinking Icarus or Punch Out!! Hell, maybe even Star Fox or F-Zero.

  12. I want that rumored DKC sequel.

  13. This is probably the 2-D DK Country revival I heard in Redmond, WA.


  15. I think it’s going to be any of the following:

    Kid Icarus – That game kicks ass, very difficult but fun, and Invisible Man can punch himself in the face. This is the game that ALOT of fans are clamoring for. And you know it’s true. Just like what Nintendo said about showing Zelda, Mario, or Pikmin 3 was because they weren’t ready to be shown at that time.

    Punch-Out – This is kinda another obvious one, I never cared for the Punch out games.

    DKC – This has been waiting to happen for a while now, They put Wario Land on the Wii so this has to happen.

    Wave Race – You all know you loved it. This game kicked ass, and it will on the Wii.

    Lastly I think F-Zero is going to be a possibility. My brother thinks that it’s going to be a new River City Ransom, I don’t think so. I hope it’s Kid Icarus to be honest.

  16. ICARUS.

    I will no longer be denied!

  17. Kid Icarus/Earthbound/Punch Out. I’m leaning toward Punch Out, because it is the most likely to get a casual audience and still appease the hardcore. Hears to hoping there is difficulty levels, but knowing Nintendo, I doubt it.

  18. i’ll put this rumor right next to reggie’s hard core game that was announced at E3.

    hey WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!1!

  19. it’s punch out. it’s not enough. it’s gonna take more than that to save christmas.

  20. New Ice Climbers game!

  21. I call Ice Climbers as well. (waves sign of Popo and Nana) 😀

  22. I’m sure most would want a Kid Icarus, or heck, even Punch Out would be cool. Honestly anything else isn’t really reviving a franchise (unless they make a Starfox that doesn’t suck which WOULD revive the series).

    Either way, I just want them to announce interesting things, no need for hyping up “megatons”, just things one can care about and look forward to.

  23. what about that excitebike vs. game? that would be something nice to announce thursday for an upcoming wiiware title

    as for the long awaited title…the return of urban champion!!

  24. Blaster Master.

    Nah jk, Sunsoft already made too many remakes that weren’t as good as the NES one. I have the PSone one and it’s =|

  25. The only thing Lance is right about is Pikmin 3: It’s gotta be Pikmin!