GameStop CFO expects ‘very, very strong fall’

Like rustling leaves freed by an October breeze, blockbuster games will be falling from store shelves into consumers’ hands all autumn long.

Or so hopes David W. Carlson.

The executive vice president and chief financial officer of GameStop, Carlson said Thursday the company expects to finish 2009 strong thanks to a Q4 release list including, among major multiplatform titles, “a couple” unannounced Nintendo games.

Carlson highlighted October releases such as Tekken 6 and BioShock 2 during GameStop’s first-quarter earnings call Thursday as titles the company expects will help it reach its full-year earnings guidance.

“Then going into November (we expect) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Assassin’s Creed 2,” continued Carlson. “And we believe there’s a couple of Nintendo titles coming that have not been announced.”

“So it looks like…a very, very strong fall and holiday season.”


  1. Well, we’ve known that Nintendo is going to release something unexpected this year. We’ll find out at E3. I think it could be Pikmin 3 as Shigeru hinted at it being in development at E3 last year. But they could also show a near complete Zelda or Mario game, or that they reveal the once cancelled Metroid Dread as a working title for release. But if someone’s going to say Kid Icarus wiimake, i will punch you in the face. That rumor is so old and really annoying. there’s a small chance considering that they did bring back punch out and A boy and his blob.

  2. This is what I hope for this year:

    Metroid Fusion 2
    SOME type of confirmation on the Uus (my name for the Wii2), maybe they’ve thought about it
    Super Smash Bros. DSi
    A DSi killer app which could be either of the above games
    Pikmin 3 or portable Pikmin
    F-ZERO Wii w/ online gaming
    Star Fox Wii w/ online gaming
    A 3-D Metroid for Wii w/ online gaming, in lieu of Metroid Prime Hunters
    Kirby Wii or DSi with 2.5-D platforming

    NO MORE REMAKES. Even I’m getting tired of it.

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