Nintendo to enter No-Spin Zone

We know that the DS will use Gamespy technology for it’s wi-fi infrastructure. I would imagine the same would be true for the Revolution’s service. Well News Corporation, which is the parent company of Fox, has closed a deal to purchase IGN and it’s family of sites including Gamespy for $650 million.

No word on if this will affect the Nintendo relationship, but here’s to hoping O’Reilly doesn’t start reviewing games.

[Thanks Fuzz, Source: The Inquirer]


  1. Just what the games industry needs: more corporate!

    Hey, at least the movies have been good this summer … oh wait…

  2. we’re f#@!*

  3. Ewww….
    I don’t think it’s going to cause problems for Nintendo, but I don’t like them taking over IGN…
    After all it’s Rupert Murdoch’s company isn’t it ?

  4. T.T

  5. O’Reilly- tolerate him, he is just a little too egotistical (and know he is not a raving conservative either, he is a moderate.)

    Does it really matter? Gamespy/IGN whatever, nothing is really going to change.

    Too bad Nintendo couldn’t do some sort of P2P online play, similar to Skype. That way servers won’t get too much work.

  6. O’Reily is definitely a conservative, anyone who watches his show knows the spin is ridiculous. It’s people like him that are ruining America.

  7. How are they ruining America, is Dan Rather your purveyor of truth and justice?

    The last time I checked O’Reilly doesn’t air on national television with faked “leaked” memos.

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