Nintendo Switch Online is a Great Deal

Nintendo Switch Online is a Great Deal

Despite all the limitations of the Switch’s online capabilities, the Nintendo Switch Online service is pound for pound, a great deal compared to the Xbox and Playstation counterparts.

It must be said that the price of entry to Nintendo Switch Online is just right. Aside from PC where playing online is free (as it should be, to be frank), playing games with friends on the internet on the Nintendo Switch is the cheapest place to play games online on console.

Nintendo Entertainment System Library

Although the Nintendo Switch Online subscription does not yeild you free full retail games like you see on the Xbox and Playstation counterparts, NES games are a nice substitute.

Playing online NES games with friends is surprisingly fun. It can be quite fun to play single-player games pass the controller mode, and playing 20 year old multiplayer games online is a thrilling undertaking.

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Family Membership

It cannot be overstated enough that the Nintendo Online Service is a great value, and if you are utilizing the Family Membership, that value is even greater.

Having a family

For $34.99/year, you and 7 family and/or friends can all join in on the online fun. If you can find 8 people, splitting the cost will fun less than $5 per year. There do not seem to be any limitations  going this route, so our suggestion would be to find a few buddies, and save yourself a few bucks!

Even better and while technically not a part of the Family Membership, you can also share games with family/friends across multiple consoles! This is great news if you want to get your friends to try out a game, without them having to fully commit to a purchase!

Cloud Saves

Cloud saving is a feature for the Nintendo Switch that is a long time coming. While it would be prefered to backup saves locally to SD, cloud saves is a nice alternative.

As games grow larger and larger, console memory has become a premium. Even with access to a large SD card, it is nice to have the ability to unarchive a game in your library and be able to pick up right where you left off.

Game saves will remain in the cloud for six months after the Nintendo Switch Online Service subscription has been deactivated, giving gamers a grace period if they let their subscription lapse for whatever reason.

Give Nintendo Switch Online Service a Chance

If you have a Nintendo Switch, there is a whole lot of incentive to pick up a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online. Of course, it would be nice to continue gaming online on Nintendo Switch for the price of free, but the entry isn’t too high that many should be able what is on offer.