Nintendo Spotting: Triforce



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  1. LOL!
    Best find ever.

  2. Holy Shit

  3. Oh, oh God.

  4. Wait, a minute. This means then that Nintendo is really the Illuminate.

    No wonder so many 360 and PS3 fans are upset.

  5. Nintendo founded our country; if you hate on Nintendo then YOU’RE UNPATRIOTIC! (AND IN HORRIBLE SUPREMACIST AND RACIST EYES, YOU’RE A FUCKING TERRORIST!)

  6. Now that is just amazing!!

    Good call. Nintendo haters should leave the U.S. lol

  7. Fucking Awesome.

  8. Geez, that’s f’ing crazy.

  9. That means that Iwata is the head of the Patriots. OMFBATMAN! Link is the reincarnation of BIG BOSS!

  10. Kids stop doing drugs just because you have too much free time.

  11. You blew my mind, now I have to get a mop and cleanup.

  12. Argh every time I look at a dollar now I’m going to think of the triforce.

  13. lol, nice, I like that. Nintendo ftw

  14. The whole Nintendo taking over the US government conspiracy theory…

    Way ahead of you… by a good couple of centuries…

  15. LOL very cool

  16. weird, nintendo fans at the treasury! Sweet!

  17. Woah, that is hilarious nice find guy or uh, whoever…

  18. lol! 😀

  19. One SYSTEM under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

  20. originally i intended to write a big passage but it doesnt matter, in the end i will not follow the illuminati path, even though they try to adopt this symbol of life, i refuse to be their drone.