New Gameboy?

Well, the Gamecube is pending for Zelda, there’s not enough time to talk about the DS (too busy playing the thing with all its stellar games), we’re waiting to learn more about the Revolution, and the Micro is coming out soon. So let’s talk about the new Gameboy.

First off, Nintendo said the DS does not replace the Gameboy family. The system certainly does have a different feel than the GBA, however, it also has GBA sequels. So what exactly will Nintendo do with a new Gameboy?

I guess the company would phase out the GBA first, which could be as early as next Christmas. But I think they’ll want to milk Micro sales longer than a year. Some good questions might be: When could they launch the system without cannibalizing their existing system sales? What specs will it have? What specs should it have (graphics, controls, etc)?

You guys know just as much as we do on this topic, so spread the word with your thoughts, ideas, and comments.