New Gameboy?

Well, the Gamecube is pending for Zelda, there’s not enough time to talk about the DS (too busy playing the thing with all its stellar games), we’re waiting to learn more about the Revolution, and the Micro is coming out soon. So let’s talk about the new Gameboy.

First off, Nintendo said the DS does not replace the Gameboy family. The system certainly does have a different feel than the GBA, however, it also has GBA sequels. So what exactly will Nintendo do with a new Gameboy?

I guess the company would phase out the GBA first, which could be as early as next Christmas. But I think they’ll want to milk Micro sales longer than a year. Some good questions might be: When could they launch the system without cannibalizing their existing system sales? What specs will it have? What specs should it have (graphics, controls, etc)?

You guys know just as much as we do on this topic, so spread the word with your thoughts, ideas, and comments.


  1. Hmm… I really don’t see the need for a new Gameboy when the DS has come out. Nintendo said it would be their third pillar, but that’s just while phasing out the GBA I think. I will bet you that even Sony will have a touchscreen and a microphone (and have a third-party release a nintendogs-clone) on their PSP2.

  2. I think it will be a long while yet until the new Gameboy comes out, though I expect it to be compatible with current DS games, as well as GBA games, so it’ll have a touch screen and mic.
    I think the new micro should last two years, like the SP, soo.. I’d bet on a new, hyper powerful Game Boy in 2007, or xmas 2006 at the earliest.
    The DS is doing very well, and when the new GB comes, the PSP will look a little stale, and have no special features like touchscreen and will stop selling.
    So the moral is: Nintendo know what they’re doing. And don’t mess with them in the handheld market.

  3. if nintendo is really set on releasing the Revolution console next year than they would almost shoot themselves in the foot if they did release another handheld next yeat. Which puts any handheld from them 2 years away. Which would also mean 4 straight years of releasing some type of console, be it handheld or home based.

  4. I think that before the next gameboy will see some DS SP and DS Micros on the shelfs.

  5. I think that they’ll take time and develop a really nice machine 😀
    I still hope for SD card support, so you can download games via Rev and play them on your GB Evolution (or whatever 😉 )….
    Though piracy might stop them from doing that….
    I just hope they really wanna go for the three pillars strategy…
    Give us a classic GB ! No Touching stuff, no talking, just buttons…
    I think that this three pillar strategy could work out pretty well…

  6. Ah, the Gameboy Evolution… A mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped within Nintendo’s Headquarters. The new Gameboy has been on the mind of many hardcore gamers, since the announcement of the DS. Little is known of this mystery machine, as Nintendo has kept their mouths as shut about that as they do with the Revolution. With the recent release of their innovative Developer’s System, it is unlikely that we will see this gem any time soon. However, that being said, Nintendo like’s it’s ‘Three Pillar’ Strategy, so we may hear of it as early as a possible Spaceworld next year. That is, unless, Nintendo plans to release another home console along-side the Revolution. Nintendo ON! Well, we can wish…

  7. nitty doesnt have a new gameboy in developement yet, they probably dont plan on releasing one anytime soon.

    this is why we are getting the micro, they are buying themself time to make a new one, and giving the psp time to cool down beforre they relese one in the psp’s midlife, this will put the nail in the coffin for the psp

  8. The next gameboy should be a direct “competitor” to the PSP, by
    -having the ability to play gamecube games
    -built in wifi (extend the gamecube life, more game developers would use familiar platform hardware, thus decreasing the amount of time it takes to produce games)
    -built in sd card
    -Li-Ion POLYMER battery (or that new Toshiba battery that can charge from 0%-80% in a couple minutes.)
    -Download gameboy games for $20 at most
    -touchscreen, no scratch that, we don’t want this to compete w/DS
    -built in web browser (Mozilla or Netfront) yes, I know, Nintendo should focus on games, but a web browser is simple to put in there, there are just adding software, not hardware.)
    -Gyroscopic controls (would complement revolution)
    -Priced at $199
    -Launched the Christmas season before PSP2 is launched

  9. Nintendofreak… right on the money.

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