Nintendo Spotting: Memorial-style edition

Nintendo history

Basically, this is Nintendo’s history since 1889. Comparatively speaking, no other video game company can touch this. This is why I love Nintendo, and why it will be here in another 100 years.

[Hat tip to the father of Infendo, Blake]


  1. they have to update that memorial…. and include the following

    2007: Nintengo announced Super Smash Bros. Brawl is having online, but no voice chat and with friend codes.

  2. @Miguel

    In 2008, adult Wii players will get regularly beaten playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl online against 6 to 9 year olds.
    Thanks to the lack of voice chat and to some extend friend codes, the suicide rate will keep stable.
    Praise the Big N.

  3. At least you won’t have to listen to them taunting you with their high pitched little pre teen voices 🙂 .

  4. Seriously whoever decided not to put voice chat on Brawl must have played Halo. Because I seriously would never play a game with like brawl with voice chat with the immature people who may play. It would make my life miserable, and would take away the fun element of this game.

    Every single game that has online game play doesn’t always need to have all these extremities. Be happy you can play online and play again people around the world, for that is the foundation in which online play is founded on, not screaming and cursing at each other.

  5. That picture needs to be bigger =/ Also. Voice chat would make Brawl cool, very cool. Friend codes are ok I suppose, I can deal with them. But then the random battles need to have more interaction between people. I mean, come on. No stat keeping? I want my stats! I play for the numbers, seriously. KEEP THE FREAKING STATISTICS.

  6. Every comment thread on Infendo now talks about the lack of voice chat on Brawl.

    Anyway, I think that’s a pretty cool summary up in that picture .. Sort of like a real life Wikipedia page or something!

  7. Key thing is simple. We need choice, and Nintendo isn’t providing that choice.

    There should be options to use or not use a headset, and to play ranked or unranked games. Problems solved.

    Make it just like the advanced and basic control schemes of MP3. Normal will have everything off by default, then advanced will display a warning, and you can choose whether you want to talk or not.

    This country was built on free speech, and choice, I don’t need anyone imposing what I should or shouldn’t do. I normally shut off my headset in live, if I am playing with strangers because most of them are pretty dense, but doesn’t mean I don’t want to talk to a buddy about some strategy sometimes either.

  8. I hate to tell you this but there is always going to be someone imposing what you should and shouldn’t do. Even in America there are laws and rules in all aspects of life. For example if you punch your boss in the face tomorrow I think he will impose on you that you shouldn’t do that by firing you and probably suing you.

    And is Nintendo really imposing anything on you? I don’t see them hindering your freedom of speech or your freedom of choice. It is your ‘freedom of speech’ to say you want voice chat and then your ‘choice’ to buy the game based on whether or not it has voice chat. In a similar way it is the developer’s freedom to say that they don’t want to spend money/time implementing a voice communication system and then their choice whether or not to include it in the final product. Who’s to say that you saying the game should have voice chat should trump the developers decision to not include it. Remember above all else this country was created on the basis that ‘All men are created equal’ and that no single person’s freedoms and opinions should be held more important than another person’s. While we may have the freedom to complain about it all we want, heave insults, and refuse to purchase the product it is not our right to demand they have it because we want the option.

  9. True, bob, true. The illogical argument here appears to be between what people believe Nintendo should be providing them and which features will ultimately make Nintendo the most profit.

    Which one do you think’s going to win, people?

  10. hahaha.. I am amazed by the reaction of my comment… I love freedom of choice.

    Jack, you are right, as always.

  11. Very cool.

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