Nintendo Spotting

A youngling plays his Nintendo DS on a train. What better way to usher in 2006 than with a DS and a smile (or at least an concentrated gaming face)?

[Source: Flickr]


  1. On the subject of “game faces”, I’ve a friend who starts into this really deep and heavy breathing (mouth open) when he’s concentrating on the game.

    It put you off a little.

    Me? I do that “involuntary chin and mouth movement” thing. Like I’m trying to catch flies.

  2. Oh, god. “Youngling.” I’m trying to forget the prequels existed, and you’re not helping.

  3. I breah heavey and moan…when I’m gaming.

  4. Si yo hiciera eso en mi ciudad probablemente me robarían mi nds, los ladrones esperan la minima oportunidad

  5. That’s a shame. Where I live, Pikey kid’s will steal the PoSP’s (Sony’s own Piece of Shit Portable) first and probably won’t even recognise a DS. Whenever I use the DS in public, the public just look a bit bemused.

  6. Psychically, I can tell that kids been hit by a blue shell for the ninth time.

  7. “Psychically, I can tell that kids been hit by a blue shell for the ninth time.”

    can you tell me if he drops out of games? If he does he loses his DS.

    I think if you drop out of games more than 3 times you should lose oline connectivity for at least an hour, or even a day. But sometimes peoples connections suck or something catches fire around the house.

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