Nintendo solicits “expert” feedback by email

_imageNintendo is bigger than ever. They make loads of money. Their invites to non-gamers have raised all boats. And yet, their stock with die-hard gamers has become virtually penniless over the last couple of years’a passionate group which verbally feels the company no longer appeals to them, unless of course you count the occasional Mario or Zelda release.

Obviously aware of this, company representatives today sent out emails to the enthusiast press for their thoughts on Nintendo. “We are working on some upcoming plans and are interested to hear from you, the expert, on how you think Nintendo is doing and what you think the company should do in the coming year,” read the email, obtained by Infendo. “We’ll be sharing your answers with Nintendo but we will keep them anonymous. If you’re willing, please answer the below questions and be as honest as possible.”

The questions were as follows:

  1. What is your overall impression of Nintendo today?
  2. What does the Nintendo brand mean to you?
  3. If you were the chairman of Nintendo, what would be the first three things you would do in the U.S. in the year ahead?
  4. What are the top two-three items on your Nintendo wish list’either products or communications?

You play a lot of games. You’re an expert. How would you answer?