Nintendo Revolution Concept Box

Excuse me if the above image has already been “internetted,” but I just came across this badboy. Looks like this design concept could be a reality, modeled closely after the new DS Lite box.

Thanks, Retro-X


  1. I like the ‘less is more’ approach

    I hope the white system has a black box with a white system ^.^

    Red and Blue combo even possible 😀

  2. I like better the “close up” shot on the new DS Lite box.

  3. I don’t want a handle on the box. I just wanna carry the box down the street in the palm of my hand going, “Power brick? No, this is the SYSTEM.”

  4. I don’t think Nintendo would use that old image. It would be a fresh image… probably featuring the controller.

  5. Quite possibly the biggest rip-off of a Mac (specifically Mac Mini) box I’ve ever seen.

  6. I don’t care what the box looks like – but the system couldn’t come soon enough.

    It’s going to be tough, NOT buying a DSL in favor of the Revolution [at least at first – that is, until the DSL grips me like the Micro did, forcing me to visit best buy every day for months, pining over it until I finally break…]

    I hope that the box art is ALL black, with only the red NINTENDO logo in the red circle on it. That’s all I need.

  7. silent k,

    If the box looked like that, I would cut the box so that it unfolded flat and tack it to my wall.

    Heck, I’ll just do that anyway.

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