Nintendo Quiz Revisit

Well it’s been two months since we posted this pop quiz. Have your thoughts changed at all? Which do you think it will be?

How will the Revolution perform during the next round of consoles?

    A. It will place second.
    B. It will do what it’s name implies: Revolutionize gaming.
    C. It will become the Apple Computer of consoles.
    D. It will fail and Nintendo will focus on game publishing.
    E. Other (Please explain)


  1. E: B.

  2. E: 3rd

  3. Virtually impossible to say at this point: we’ve little to no specifics. No release date, no price on Rev, no price on it’s games or the downloadable games.

    For that matter we don’t even know these specifics for the market leader: Sony and their PS3.

    We’ll probably have a clearer idea by the end of the year.

  4. It’s highly unlikely Nintendo will gain more market share than either Xbox 360 or PS3. I’m going to buy a Nintendo, and so is anyone who reads this site, and Nintendo will still make money. But, I think there’s a good chance we’re looking at Nintendo’s last console.

  5. C

    Just like Apple, for people in the know only. Others, will never know the difference… It’s a shame.

  6. How can it become Apple Computer of consoles, Apple charges a premium for their hardware, Nintendo are cheap, will always be affordable, make money, appeal to everyone.

    They will not become a niche market, no matter how much MSFT wants them to be

  7. anon#1 – chin up lad! :o)

    Here, have a look at this below to cheer you up and to gird your loins (or click on my name).

    Ps: what did the owl used to say to Link in Ocarina?

  8. I’m glad someone offered a link to an article about this. For people to say that this will be Nintendo’s last console is absolutely ridiculous. Nintendo makes far more profit then either Sony of Microsoft. Their system’s cost so much that they are constantly selling them at a lower price then it takes to produce them. Nintendo has dodged this bullet by making the DS affordable for them to produce, and to sell to consumers. They’ve used this strategy on all their systems, and I can’t imagine that the Revolution is any different. So even if the Revolution bombs, they still end up making more money then either competitor. So they can still produce more consoles. Remember, they watched Sega bet it all on their Dreamcast, and crash tragically. Nintendo knows what mistakes not to make.

  9. I agree with Pluto. Here’s a quick quiz; how many generations has Nintendo lost money on? I’ll give you a hint, it’s a whole number less than 1.

    Nintendo are a company. for all the devotion expressed by their loyal fan base, they’re in this game to make money, and that’s exactly what they’ve been doing. Market share means nothing if you lose millions of dollars a year. Nintendo would be well-pleased with a 15-30% share of the market, because that’s all they need to make fists of money. Add the Revolution’s downloadable games into the mix, and you’ll have Nintendo making money with effectively no effort. Placing in the market also means nothing. Game publishers will still make games for the Rev and people will buy them.

    The only people who care about market share are crazy-go-nuts fanboys. Nintendo will do just fine 🙂

  10. I jsut wanted to say that I agree with most of you 😉
    Nintendo is not only about “Kicking ass, taking names and making games!”, it’s about the money 😀
    And they make a lot of money, so why should they go software only ?
    If the Rev fails to be fun, I will skip this generation, maybe even quit gaming…’s really the only interesting thing to come next year.
    The DS really was a nice evolution of gameplay and I hope the Rev will do just that…

  11. Nintendo are actually doing very well, market share-wise:

    That’s well over 50% of the Japanese market, and it has been this way all august, at least, The DS has sold twice as many units as the PSP, and when you factor in the Game Boy and GameCube sales, it seems that Nintendo will do just fine. They have higher profitability and ‘three’ legs to stand on.

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