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This week, an anonymous reader explains why Nintendo truly is an “And” company.

“Anonymous said…

Next week, I will be buying the DS lite here in Japan, and my fiancee wants one too because of Eigo Zuke the “Rock CD” game… She wants to perfect her English using Japanese software. Nintendo is beyond games, they are innovating the way people learn about different cultures.”


  1. Now if only there was similar software on the market to allow me to learn Japanese more easily. Come on Nintendo, think of all the people studying Japanese at University level just because they got into it via anime and manga. You’ve already got significant penetration into the otaku market, so leverage it! It won’t sell more systems, but you’ll easily sell through your stock of software.

  2. I will come out and say that I was the “Anonymous” person that was quoted about getting my DS lite for myself and fiancee, although I have just now begun using a Blogger identity. Thanks to Infendo, we can have educated comments on the gaming industry. And yes, I believe that Nintendo should, and will make a Japanese language software program. ????? or ?????? which means Japanese Soaking. The Japanese version is just English Soaking. Immersion would be a better word though. Why not make it for many languages?

  3. So, basically, the “Comment of the week” is along the lines of the same redundant ass-kissing you hear from pretty much every Nintendo fanatic.

  4. Does anyone here know why it is a bad thing to be a fan? I am a fan to the video games industry. Not only Nintendo.

  5. I ignore those folks and think “if it’s bad to be a fan, then what are you doing at a site like this??”

  6. “redundent ass-kissing”

    you’re a retarded troll… don’t bother posting if all you’re looking to do is cause trouble…

  7. “redundant ass-kissing”

    most people hate change. One reason why Nintendo is seeking to target demographics outside of the, “jaded 14 year old,”is that most current gamers are fully content with a nonstop stream of sports titles and first person shooters, each one minimally better than the last. Furthermore, most gamers are socially inept neanderthals (harsh words, but visit a convention to see for yourself). I think it’s good that Nintendo is finally turning away from them.

  8. I for one am emboldened (spelling?) by Ninty’s bravery. The idea of actively trying to change an entire market, especially when its one so big and stuck in its ways, and your company has become something of an underdog, is a daunting task to say the least.

  9. If you don’t like fans, good for you. Let other people enjoy the fun things in life, Mr. Grinch. it’s not like someone is going to listen to your opinion, and change their way of living.

    I guess you have teen angst. don’t worry, it will pass. and don’t worry about the funny hairs growing in your chest, they come with growing up.

    I’m a fan of Nintendo and buy some products from them. I’m also a fan of the Black eyed Peas. You are free to buy whatever you like.

  10. I just want to go on record to say that vakerorokero rules!

  11. Even though Mr. “Anonymous” spoke about be a fanatic. I believe that the ‘civil’ bloggers are the ones that are NOT fanatics, we look at the ideas, opinions from other angles.

    (Look it up in a dictionary) Fa-nat-ic = a person filled with excessive and single minded zeal

  12. Anon number 2, this note’s for you:

    The Comment of the Week honor does not go out to every “only Nintendo innovates” post. It goes out to the thought-provoking comments that depict a situation most of us might not be familiar with, amongst other things. Not everyone here lives in Japan, or has a Japanese wife that wants to use the DS to learn the English language, for that matter. The previous CotW went to an EMT who sed he didn’t like mature-rated games that spew blood like it’s water because he sees that at his job everyday.

    It’s not about ass-kissing. If someone had an interesting thought that went against Nintendo, we would be more inclined to post it.

    Do you get it yet?

  13. Japanese fiancee*, rather. 😀

  14. Rollin, we could be talking about something as silly as a Mario Pez dispenser or something as thought provoking as this weeks comment. I doesn’t matter to those kind of gamers. I went trough the phase and now I’m a 22 year old man that plays Mario Party and Animal Crossing with his wife while my old GTA’s collect dust.

    The fact is Nintendo wants people to play games. I honestly believe that. Sony and Microsoft want people to buy their systems and make them choke on quantity (which there are gems, but not as many as Nintendo in my opinion) rather than quality and when there are no games to play use it to burn a CD or look at pictures. The PSP is a prime example for this.

    As Doughboy sed in his comment, he likes having a civilized blog where he can have comments among peers. There will always be harsh and immature comments for random anonymous’ But hey..

    “With out the sour, the sweet would not be as sweet.”

    Thanks Rollin and crew for having a kick ass blog…though it wont stop me from stomping your asses at Metroid Prime Hunters 😉


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