Nintendo Wi-Fi Hiccups

Reports are spreading the Nintendo’s Wi-Fi Mario Kart network is having connection issues. The official wifi status page is showing the system is “up with warnings” but that it’s experiencing “intermittent problems.”

While I’d like to think Nintendo prepared for excess traffic, maybe they didn’t prepare enough. Any Infendo readers feeling the sting?

[Source: Nintendo]


  1. If Google can’t handle the traffic surges of new products, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Nintendo have the same problem.

    It’ll be interesting to see 1) how fast they fix it, and 2) whether it’s due to huge demand.

  2. yeah no joke, my name is Mike DeGraffenreid and I just got hooked up with two copies tonight for me and my little brother at best buy… the game wasn’t supposed to be available until tomorrow but we cut some strings… I have linksys and high speed internet and I keep trying to do do this easy free fun wi-fi stuff and the world, and nation stuff won’t work for me it’s really frustrating… I tested the wi-fi connections and it says that everything is fine… but it won’t find anyone it just says…there is a chance that four people are not registered to play at this moment or something like that… If anyone has any ideas you go ahead and let me know… It might be because no-one around me has the game yet or becuase of these so called hiccups… the game is otherwise frickin awesome and I can’t wait to spend countless hours burnin up the tracks with all 16 characters vroom vroom!

  3. Yes the network is choking on a serious cloud of kart-dust right now…
    …and to tell you the truth, I’m going through withdrawl.

    This same thing happened with the PSP launch – online gamers could not connect for Gretzky or Twisted Metal for online psp play b/c the servers experienced too much traffic – It didnt matter then b/c those games were not landmarks in history – but this situation must be fixed post haste.

    Do you hear me Reggie? Ikimasu!!

  4. Is it that bad? I thought it was just a little problem that could be fixed within the hour. Dagnabbit, it better be fixed by the time i assemble a posse of peeps at NWS. IF i do, that is.

    You know, i bet this is just a measure taken to keep me from destroying everyone online. Yea, that’s it! You can’t stop me Nintendooooooo!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I also spent a great deal of time waiting for the service to “Find people for me to play with.” To no avail- I was really excited to play on the wifi network today but alas.

    Hopefully this will be fixed rather soon!

  6. Keeping waiting….it will eventually connect you with other players….I had to wait at least 5 min. sometimes…Don’t lose hope….yet.

  7. Oh if it’s that, then just wait or switch to regional or worldwide. It can take awhile (but it’s worth it!).

  8. i don’t think that’s a hiccup.

  9. I have been having the same problems with finding someone. I keep switching around trying to find people to play with, sometimes it will find one or two others but then they dissapear.

    I will say though that once you do get connected everything has worked fine for me.

  10. …I can’t connect at all. Error 52100!

  11. I’m connecting just fine.

  12. The site says all is well again. But I wouldn’t know if it really is. I just thought you all might want to know

  13. But for every cloud there’s a silver lining.

    Nintendo is in a way using the wi-fi service for DS as a sort of beta to get it ready for Revolution, so hopefully when it is released with loads of online games they will have all the experience needed to run a smooth service. 😀

  14. I could connect briefly last night, but not long enough to join a race. Long enough to link my DS id to the MyNintendo site, though…
    I believe all gaming networks go through the same problem the week they launch. I remember when EA released Burnout 3 on Xbox Live, they also had lots of connectivity problems that got resolved through the first two weeks. I guess there is no way to know what the traffic will be until you launch the games that use it.

  15. yeah i got on and it could never find any other players – occasionally i got booted but usually i was just stuck with my ds in my hand.

  16. *sings the Growing Pains theme song*

    Really, I prefer this to be at launch, they catch these problems and fix them as quick as is possible, and tada all is better ^^

    When I get the game (my blog will announce my friend code and ID when I have it, but I will probably be a dick and unlock 100 percent offline before even logging on once) by then the setup will be 100 percent, and will run very well ^^

    Or is that wishful thinking?

  17. I had problems connecting to the service for the first few hours after I got the game, when the site was having problems. After I got connected once though, I was hooked. It kept working fine, except when I was about to win my first race, the bastard I was racing disconnected as soon as I passed him on the final lap. Disconnecting on the last lap should really count as a forfiet.
    Fun as hell though!

  18. If you register in the NoA sponsored MKDS tournament, disconnecting means disqualification. Maybe i should post that.

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