Nintendo pre-TGS event to be streamed live

The Nintendo nation is once again abuzz with rumors of a 3DS redesign before the handheld even has its first birthday. Nintendo is fixing to talk about.…something September 13. Don’t worry about missing out on any info either, Nintendo is planning on streaming the event live. 

Dubbed a new product presentation, the Nintendo 3DS conference is scheduled to start at 9PM MST and can be viewed right here on the day of the event. I’m not ready to bet on an entirely new dual analog design, but I think a  3DSLite with better battery life and improved ‘sweet spot’ could be a real possibility. Or at least it should be.

At any rate, it looks like we won’t have to wait very long before we find out what those sly devils at Nintendo are cooking up next.

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  1. Koopa Trooper says:

    Before the 3DS came out, how many people wanted the system to have dual analogs?.. A LOT! They shot themselves in the foot by being so stubborn and not including it.
    Fast forward to the Wii U… It doesn’t (yet) have L3 + R3 on the analog sticks. This is going to alienate a lot of hardcore gamers who would never play a FPS without L3+R3. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m starting to HATE Nintendo because they keep conveniently leaving out important features to save a few bucks…

  2. ghettoska says:

    I know its been said a million times but why is there a freakin new design when I still don’t have anything to play? Nintendo has gotta know that nintendogs and a zelda remake aren’t a big enough library to keep the system afloat. As cool as third party support is, the fact still remains that most buy a nintendo system for those good ol’ nintendo games. Majority of all games I own are first party, i just counted my wii games and have 12 first and 6 third. And its proabaly close to those odds on every other console I own as well. Anyway give us something fresh! And in 3D!!!

    As excited as I was for those ambassador games, the fact remains that they are nes games. I love the glasses free 3D and I need more of it in my life! Give me more!!

    And if I have to put some stupid adapter on my pretty 3ds just to make it compatible with future games because they want to add an entirely new input device, I’m going to flip out.

  3. RisnDevil says:

    @Koopa Trooper – I have never, NEVER, heard anyone complain about the lack of an L3+R3 on ANY system, less yet the Wii U. I don’t understand how you can even remotely call that an “important feature.” Just saying.

    On topic, do I think they are going to announce a redesign or relaunch? As much as I want it, no. I am interested in what they do show off though.

  4. Koopa Trooper says:

    They(I) WILL be complaining when they have to use a touch screen every time they want to sprint or melee attack someone in MW4 or whatever it’s called two years from now… gamers will once again be playing those kinds of games on a system NOT named nintendo. It’s a major f*** you to the third parties by Nintendo, once again. It is a big deal, that sadly nobody is talking about. And when it comes to these 3rd party games that can easily be ported to the Wii U, now the developers have to reluctantly monkey around with the controls and are now FORCED to use the touch pad…just like motion controls on the Wii- “Ruining perfectly good games since 2006 TM”

  5. Koopa Trooper says:

    @RisnDevil But of course I will still be buying the Wii U to play the first party games…ONLY

  6. EdEN says:

    I’ve used “L3+R3” in about 2 games in 2 years of owning a PS3 so I don’t really see what all the fuzz is about.

    F* “hardcore gamers”. I buy 50+retail games a year and 40+ digital ones and I couldn’t care less about CoD, Battlefield and the like.

  7. Koopa Trooper says:

    I’ve used L3+R3 on every single game I own for ps3… Uncharteds, Bioshocks, Call of Dutys, God of Wars, Arkham Asylum, Red Dead Redemption…. so I don’t know what obscure games you have been playing, but almost all of them use L3 and R3 in some way

  8. Skotski says:


    You realize the redesign is still a rumor right?
    And saying that this confirms it is actually false… a “new product” can mean either new software or new hardware.

  9. ghettoska says:

    Yeah I realize that its still a rumor (as it should stay), but for some reason its been lingering in my mind. I wouldn’t want to think that they would add it all after the fact, but I have come to realize I cannot predict some of the seemingly random things nintendo does. They have never added an input device later as far as I know, that’s the thing thats keeping me from thinking otherwise.

  10. Jericho says:

    It was disappointing.

  11. Eugene says:

    While I value your opinion, I must respectfully disagree.

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