Nintendo PR boilerplate, through the years…

news4_0Old farts like me (read: 28) fondly remember the days of tearing open an NES, SNES and even the N64 on birthdays and holidays in years long gone by, so it was was some nostalgic interest that I read this interesting original post over at Kotaku this morning.

You see, once upon a time Nintendo was not the juggernaut it is today, and this was reflected in their PR boilerplate (the stuff no one reads that appears at the end of every corporate press release). In ’86, when the company was just beginning to flex its home console muscle and destroy Atari, the boilerplate was simple; a few sentences.

Fast forward to today, and, well, it’s borderline short story stuff. Name-dropping, big words, use of descriptive adjectives meant to impress no one but other PR folks and intimidate competitors–it’s all there. Doesn’t mean much, really, as it’s just PR stuff, but it is interesting to see how the company has matured and changed over the years. Even the logo changed, if you’ll remember, from red to gray.

I look to seeing what their PR guys and gals cook up for the decades to come… “Nintendo is the pioneering leader in wetware interface interactive entertainment technologies…” Any guesses from the gallery as to what Nintendo might include in the future?