Nintendo Power September surprise? NADA

Infendo tipster James from Tyler, Texas says he has the scoop on tomorrow’s embargoed “exclusive” cover game for Nintendo Power. If he’s correct, then it’s… Pokemon?!

“The next issue (NOV ’06) for Nintendo Power (USA) has new info about the newest Pokemon game, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Epics for DS and GBA (Magical Starsign, Children of Mana. Strategies for Baten Kaitos Origins, and wifi tactics for Star Fox Command. Finally, Going Bananas for Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz. As for a special annoucement NADA!!! — James from Tyler, Tx

After the Leipzig non-event, the Nintendo hype machine appears to still be stuck in Summer Vacation Mode. We still have Sept. 14-15, right? Right?!