Nintendo Power got me excited for WarioWare DIY


WarioWare DIY

This has happened to me a couple of times now: I know a game is coming out, it sounds interesting, but I never give it much thought.  Nintendo Power shows up in my mailbox, has a feature on said game, and I immediately pre-order it.  This time around it was WarioWare DIY for DS. Something about playing new mini-games, creating them, downloading them, and even playing them on my Wii got me really excited.  What really hooked me, though, was the realization that this is a new WarioWare game and I’ve always enjoyed the other iterations.

Anyone else ever have their mind changed so drastically about a game?  Share your story in comments.


  1. yes, once, aloooonnnggg time ago with that nights game on the wii. i’ve regretted it ever since. *shudder* i’ll never understand why they gave it a nine, it was a .00000001 at best

  2. Actually, it happened for a lot of the GBA games I own. I started out playing most of them just thinking of them as another game. At the time I first bought my GBA, it was cool, but it wasn’t a console, and I wanted a console really bad. Recently though, like within the past year, I have begun to fully appreciate games like Super Mario Advance 2(Super Mario World), and DKC, and am currently playing LOZ: Four Swords Adventures with my brother.

    Actually, it’s more like changing my mind about a whole system! Now I am completely convinced that the GBA is THE greatest hand-held system ever invented. My brother says he wants a DS, but whenever he says that I tell him, “Why? You have a Gameboy Advance!”

  3. To tell you the truth, I started off really liking the idea of Siltent Hill Shattered Memories… Then it faded off my radar. Then I learned it was delayed and I thought the game was gonna be throw-away garbage and I didn’t want it.

    Then I saw a video review or something and bought the game immediately.

    One of the best purchases I made last year.

  4. no question about that!
    changing opinions is for smart people

    btw, does anybody knows if there is any pre-order gift or promo stuff? 😛