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Rumor has it that Angelina “Mother Theresa 2” Jolie, and her boy-toy Brad Pitt have met with Nintendo to discuss plans of creating a game to promote the United Nations. Mizz Jolie intends for the game to raise money for impoverished countries. Calls have been made to Nintendo by other sites, but it has not been confirmed whether this true or not.

Could we see a U.N. game on the Revolution, using the Revmote make hand gestures during lectures at world meetings? I wouldn’t mind.

[Via: gamepolitics]


  1. Yes, I could imagine using the controller to beat some sense into the American delegation. 😛

  2. Sounds odd.

  3. Glad to know that they went to quality first then EA. lol

    Really, I see this game, if it’s real, in the same zone as that Mickey Mouse Gamecube game Nintendo made for Disney.

  4. So let me get this straight…
    I’m going to be playing a role as a not-too-important ambasaddor from a not-too-important country and I’d witness how the UN is completely inept?
    I’d maybe be on the security council and issue declarations that no one will follow by or care about?
    I’ll ask for oil in exchange for food?

    Sounds fun!

  5. Some professor’s from my school made a “serious” game to help educate children about food crisises worldwide. The game has been a huge download hit and received a lot of positive press. From my understanding from the engineering and video games programs here at my school there is a lot of work and interest in “serious” games development.

  6. This has to be seen to believed! lol!

    It sounds so strange that I’m actually half interested to see what the finished results will be!

    A bit of nude Angelina and some interaction with the Revo control would also help sales! 😉

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