Wii-ified Resident Evil 4 is almost perfect

Resident Wii-vilSometimes tacking on Wiimote controls to a game from 2005 just works. Especially if that game happens to be one of the greatest games of the past decade.From Game|Life (Wired’s) 9/10 Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition review:

Caught off-guard with the success of the Wii and looking for a quick fix, several publishers have tacked motion controls on to their existing games. It hasn’t turned out well. The difference with Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition is twofold: the game they started with is a masterpiece, and the Wiimote controls are implemented perfectly.

At $30, if you’ve never played the GameCube original it’s almost a sin to not pick this one up. And I know who you all are, so I’ve sent some zombie cats (courtesy of Erik) to take you out.