Nintendo news round-up: Netflix disc rendered useless, new Club Nintendo rewards and more

– The Wii Netflix instant streaming disc’s functionality is being given a traditional burial and will be shot into the sun on February 16th. If you’re still using the disc instead of the downloadable Netflix channel, you might want to use this time to free up some space and pay your last respects to your dearly departed physical media. ( GoNintendo )

– Wired ran an interesting story about the Project M mod for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The goal of the mod is to make the rules and play feel more similar to that of Melee; as such, the changes include removing the controversial tripping element, and reverting Sheik’s down+A to its original Melee trajectory. And all you need to give it a try is a copy of Brawl and an SD card. As a huge Melee fan who couldn’t believe that for all its customization and options, Brawl wouldn’t even let us turn off tripping, this is another M I can really get behind. Have you tried any of the Brawl mods out there? ( Wired )

– Despite the relative equivalence in value between US and Australian currency, the 3DS will cost $349 AUD upon release in Australia. If us Yanks thought $249 was unpalatable, $349 sounds atrocious. Some of the possible causes for the discrepancy include increased shipping rates and higher average salaries in Australia, but will this price hike sour our Aussie friends down under to Nintendo’s forthcoming 3D temptations? ( iTWire )

– Starting on February 9th, Nintendo of America made two brand new rewards available to members of the Club Nintendo customer rewards program. One is a playable replica of Game & Watch: Ball, the first entry in the Game & Watch portable gaming series. The second is a reversible carrying pouch for the Nintendo DS, DSi, or DSi XL. Will either of these prizes convince you to break the bank and part with your hard-earned coins? ( Club Nintendo )

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