Are you currently playing a game you’re embarrassed to admit you own? ‘Cause I sure am.


In the past, Infendo has asked its readers to list any games they’d rather not admit they actually bought. Just for fun — and so I can get something off my chest — how about an update to that question: is there a game that you’re currently having fun playing, but might be just a bit hesitant to mention at a party, at work, or even online? Maybe a game you swore you’d never buy…maybe some kids’ game…a game so blatantly designed to suck cash out of people’s wallets that the mere thought of falling into that trap once made you laugh?

Can you see where I’m going with this? Okay, it’s confession time…

There! I admit it! I’m playing freaking Skylanders on the 3DS…and…and it’s a really good game! I blame the new 99 cent Skylanders iPhone game for getting me hooked….for tricking me into going to the store to get “just one” figure. Can I help it if Target had the 3DS game discounted to a reasonable price?

Skylanders. It’s fun. It’s well done. It’s a game that can be beaten without additional purchases, but a game that dangles locked worlds and bonus levels that can only be unlocked with certain toys. It’s sheer marketing genius, but hopefully not a sign of future trends. I’m determined to finish Skylanders 3DS without any more purchases. Well…maybe just the pirate ship…

How about you? Are you playing any games you’d rather not discuss in public? And — Heaven help you — are any of you in my situation, sitting there with Skylanders critters on your desk? Marketing trap or not, I must admit the Portal of Power is a very cool toy.