Are you currently playing a game you’re embarrassed to admit you own? ‘Cause I sure am.


In the past, Infendo has asked its readers to list any games they’d rather not admit they actually bought. Just for fun — and so I can get something off my chest — how about an update to that question: is there a game that you’re currently having fun playing, but might be just a bit hesitant to mention at a party, at work, or even online? Maybe a game you swore you’d never buy…maybe some kids’ game…a game so blatantly designed to suck cash out of people’s wallets that the mere thought of falling into that trap once made you laugh?

Can you see where I’m going with this? Okay, it’s confession time…

There! I admit it! I’m playing freaking Skylanders on the 3DS…and…and it’s a really good game! I blame the new 99 cent Skylanders iPhone game for getting me hooked….for tricking me into going to the store to get “just one” figure. Can I help it if Target had the 3DS game discounted to a reasonable price?

Skylanders. It’s fun. It’s well done. It’s a game that can be beaten without additional purchases, but a game that dangles locked worlds and bonus levels that can only be unlocked with certain toys. It’s sheer marketing genius, but hopefully not a sign of future trends. I’m determined to finish Skylanders 3DS without any more purchases. Well…maybe just the pirate ship…

How about you? Are you playing any games you’d rather not discuss in public? And — Heaven help you — are any of you in my situation, sitting there with Skylanders critters on your desk? Marketing trap or not, I must admit the Portal of Power is a very cool toy.


  1. Not currently but on the good ole Cube I thoroughly enjoyed The Haunted Mansion. Very underrated 3D platformer in my opinion.

  2. Chalk another one up to the Skylanders team. Luckily for me I have several younger siblings who also love the game, so I always take them with me when I’m buying them. Then I just look like an awesome older brother!

  3. I like Skylanders, but I can see how you might be embarassed about playing it. It’s kind of hard for people to take you seriously when you’re stockpiling a bunch of little figures at Toys R Us (like me.) But like you said its a great game and when you find a game you like then who cares what other people think.

    That being said… I did play a Sailor Moon RPG on Super Nintendo once. Awesome game but I won’t tell a soul that I had it…

  4. Why are you embarrassed? It’s a fun game targeted for kids, but good enough for adults.

    At least you get figurines along with in-game stuff. Much better than buying in-game clothes for a f2p MMO. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. @ Unremarkableguy: Never played Haunted Mansion, but as a huge fan of the ride, that’s one I’d still like to take a look at.

    @ rawktapus: Sounds like you really are an awesome older brother!

    @ Cody Bradshaw: You said, “when you find a game you like then who cares what other people think.” Nicely put!

    @ garion333: I guess I’m not embarrassed about the game itself — because it is a very good, highly enjoyable game — but I’m irked to be shelling out extra money to unlock content that’s sitting right there on the disc/cartridge. If I just stay with what’s available using the three included figures, the 3DS version is a decent length platformer. I can see how unlocking the extra worlds and all the type-challenges would greatly expand the total size of the adventure…for around 60 to 70 extra dollars minimum. But, like you say, buying physical figures is better than using real money to buy virtual items in a f2p!

    The unknown element here is the sequel, Skylanders Giants. Activision says it’ll be completely backwards compatible with the figures in the first game. Right there, that makes the investment in the figures seem more appealing. It’s all going to depend on how much of the new game requires new, yet-to-be-released figures.

  6. Nah, I just wish Project Mirai for 3ds would come overeseas. Sad Miku-less days of region locking. ๐Ÿ™ *sigh*

  7. Tigger’s Huney Hunt for the N64. That game is actually a very good 2.5D Platformer.

  8. Aside from being scared out of my pants by Resident Evil(which by the way, not really embarrassed by it, just scared pants-less) I think Pokemon would be the most embarrassing, only because of the sound effects I make xD

  9. @ GameCollector44: Wow, I’d forgotten about Tigger’s Hunny Hunt — that *was* pretty good! Way back when I worked at EB/Gamestop, I was the resident Disney geek and test-drove all the Disney games. Tarzan for Ps1 was another really good one — it played like Pandemonium.

  10. I loved Skylanders. Haven’t played the 3DS version yet.
    Currently I’m not playing anything that I’m ashamed of, although I did get some weird looks from some friends that dropped by when I was playing Kirby Wii not too long ago. Even my son is starting to grow out of Nintendo games and into the (my opionion) god aweful first person shooter age. Makes me sad.

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