Nintendo Monopoly review

[Review by Derek B]

Nintendo Monopoly is the most fun I have had with a board game in years. Everything about the game has been given a complete Nintendo twist. The point of the game has also been Nintendo-ized. Rather than buying property and building houses and hotels, the purpose of Nintendo Monopoly is to buy Nintendo characters and give them “power-ups” to eventually make them “invincible” to boost the rent from players who land on them. Though you still use the traditional little houses and hotels to represent power-ups, it is still a cool concept.

The best thing about the game is how incredibly thick it is with Nintendo references. Nintendo is everywhere on this thing. The Chance and Community Chest cards are changed to Coin and ?-Block cards, which feature Mario on them giving classic Nintendo phrases. Mario is in the center of each dollar bill, with a different pose for every different bill size. In place of plain blue-ish Monopoly backgrounds on the game board and divider piece, there are dozens and dozens of screen shots – from the NES all the way to the GameCube and DS – plastered like wallpaper in the background. It is definitely an awesome touch that brings a smile to the face of any hardcore Nintendo fan.

Anyway, I would definitely recommend the game to every Nintendo fanboy/girl. Even if you don’t like Monopoly, it is definitely worth having if only as a Nintendo collector’s item.