New Super Mario Bros. DS video

Enjoy. Thanks to all that sent this in.


  1. I’ve been waiting for this for about a solid ten years now. Thank you, Nintendo.

  2. Yeah… I’m officially more excited about this than Zelda… I know blasphemy. But it’s been a while since a great Mario game was out… and more and more this is looking like a surefire classic.

  3. I’m just a wee bit more excited about the new Zelda than this, mostly because Miyamoto keeps hyping it as the best in the series. I haven’t played either game yet, but I’m not about to doubt His judgement. It should be noted that, throughout history, I have always been more of a Mario fan than a Zelda fan, and that SMB3 is my favorite game of all time, so me saying that I am more excited about the new Zelda than I am about the sequel to what I feel is the greatest game of all time is really saying a lot, especially considering how long it’s been since a new Mario sidescroller. Anyway, until then, here’s this.

  4. Unless the controls are really bad, that guy playing in the video stinks.

  5. MisterInvisible: I agree. That was painful to watch because the guy sucked so bad. Yeah, maybe you’ll be able to jump out of the quicksand up onto that block if you keep trying 20 more times…

  6. Oh, and I’m still waiting for a DECENT sequel to Yoshi’s Island, the best Mario sidescroller in history if you ask me. And if anyone mentions Yoshi’s Story, I’m going to have to injure you.

  7. i really like that he can turn over the spike guys. It kinda had a original mario brothers feel. I expeced him to kick the overturned baddie.

  8. This game pushes my nostalgia buttons no end.

  9. The controls look pretty tight, as he could turn and move easy, but the man playing sucked major testicles.

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