Can Nintendo make GoldenEye for VC a reality?

Is GoldenEye coming to a Virtual Console near you? Maybe. Maybe not. Reggie’s saying he’d like it to happen, but there are a few small hurdles to overcome first. Small hurdles like this software company in Redmond that makes extreme to the max consoles that go really well with Mountain Dew. “Suffice it to say we would love to see [GoldenEye on Virtual Console], so we’re exploring all the rights issues,” the Regginator said. He had been chewing on broken glass at the time.

Joystiq opines that Nintendo might be willing to cut a few checks to make this happen. My take is that Nintendo is sitting on a pile of $6 billion in cash, has a hugely successful launch under its belt with the Wii, and may or may not be able to produce magical, mystical unicorns on command. Meaning, they can easily make this happen and I think the payoff would be immediate.