Can Nintendo make GoldenEye for VC a reality?


Is GoldenEye coming to a Virtual Console near you? Maybe. Maybe not. Reggie’s saying he’d like it to happen, but there are a few small hurdles to overcome first. Small hurdles like this software company in Redmond that makes extreme to the max consoles that go really well with Mountain Dew. “Suffice it to say we would love to see [GoldenEye on Virtual Console], so we’re exploring all the rights issues,” the Regginator said. He had been chewing on broken glass at the time.

Joystiq opines that Nintendo might be willing to cut a few checks to make this happen. My take is that Nintendo is sitting on a pile of $6 billion in cash, has a hugely successful launch under its belt with the Wii, and may or may not be able to produce magical, mystical unicorns on command. Meaning, they can easily make this happen and I think the payoff would be immediate.


  1. Goldeneye would be fantastic on the VC. They don’t even have to change the graphics, just update the controls to work with the Wii-mote and Nunchuck. I always found Goldeneye’s controls a bit clunky, but okay after you got used to it. So I think that updating the controls might be a neat idea.

  2. There’s more to it though.

    MGM, which doles out the license for Bond games has recently been bought by Sony, another mortal enemy. They are currently leasing the license out to 3rd party publishers Activision (I think). And EA might even claim some rights to new games released under the Goldeneye name. Those arguing it’s a re-relase of an old game covered under old licenses may in fact be wrong, as it’s for a new system under a new form of distribution, but worst of all, any alterations to take advantage of the Wiimote or online gaming would break any of these old agreements.

    Fortunately for MS haters, all the same is true for Microsoft, plus they have the extra burden of proving that either the game was recoded from scratch, or any N64 emulation was achieved through total reverse engineering and not any protected SDK insider knowledge from Rareware’s experience.

  3. The rareware titles I want to see on VC are the Donkey Kong Country series for the SNES! But I think since Nintendo owns the rights to pretty much anything Donkey Kong, it may be easier for them to get these games than Golden Eye.

  4. I too would love if Goldeneye came to the VC, but there’s probably no chance in hell. The rights and licenses are all over the place, and I bet Nintendo probably won’t go through the million hurdles it’s going to take to get it on there. Would be bad-ass, though, to see the graphics get cleaned up like Super Mario 64 on VC.

  5. All I want in my VC is Vectorman and Rayman!

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