Nintendo issues new Holiday infographic for would-be Wii U buyers


Nintendo is doing their best to make sure that holiday shoppers this year do not turn a deaf ear to the Wii U.

In an interesting move, Nintendo has issued a new infographic detailing why you should own a Wii U this holiday season. The infographic, highlighted first by the New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U Wii bundle, shows various reasons why the Wii U would be a logical choice over its competitors, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. These bulleted points include the console’s Nintendo TVii service the popular social media network Miiverse, and the ability to play older Wii titles. Oddly enough, Nintendo opts not to use the word upgrade in their infographic.

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Harrison Milfeld is a writer, editor, and freelance journalist from Missouri. Ever since he could walk, Harrison has been an avid fan of the world of Nintendo. For years, he has purchased every one of the company's subsequent products (yes, including the Virtual Boy and eReader). It wasn't until he was a young teen when he bought a PS2 that he began to embrace cross-console relations, a decision he doesn't regret. When he's not gaming, Harrison is looking to break into the magazine journalism industry and realize his dream of becoming a features reporter.