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Nintendo issues new Holiday infographic for would-be Wii U buyers

Nintendo is doing their best to make sure that holiday shoppers this year do not turn a deaf ear to the Wii U. In an interesting move, Nintendo has issued a new infographic detailing why you should own a Wii

Nintendo TVii to FINALLY launch in North America on Dec. 20

After an unexpected delay just days before the Wii U’s launch, Nintendo TVii will finally arrive on Nintendo’s newest console in North America on December 20. Nintendo TVii is a free, integrated service that will allow Wii U users to

After the Wii U preview event, mixed emotions still arise

The Wii U preview event in New York City has come and gone, and now Nintendo has rolled out their specific plans for their next-gen console. A release date, price point, and TWO different SKUs were unveiled along with the

Introducing: Nintendo TVii

As part of their North American Wii U event, Nintendo has unveiled their so-called third pillar to their next-generation console. The third pillar…is Nintendo TVii (yes, with two “I’s”), a new service that will allow users to watch movies, sports,