Nintendo Growing Pains

There is an interesting article about Nintendo’s decreased market share at Contra Costa Times. The article notes the companies profitability but touches on potential reasons for Nintendo’s waning performance.

Basic premise from the article: “Nintendo lacked titles for older players early in the life of the GameCube. By the time mature games such as ‘Resident Evil 4’ and ‘Metroid Prime’ were released for GameCube, the kiddie image was cemented in people’s minds.”

Would you agree?


  1. Nintendo have often come under fire for targetting their consoles for younger generations.

    I’d like to see sony and microsoft be accused of aiming their consoles at the older gamer market. Just because a game is fun doesn’t mean that it was designed specifically for children.

    I’ll readily admit that I am completely hooked on the game at the moment, but no one is accusing The Behemoth of targetting the incredible Alien Hominid at kids. I think Nintendo are something of an easy target for such criticism. I still love Animal Crossing. I’m 22, but it’s just a great game.

    I’m not so sure this argument is founded on anything other than the regular “follow the leader” style of journalism that often rears its emminantly kickable head.

    It’s been a while since this has come up though.

    But then again, all of the above may be wrong. I’ll check tomorrow when I’m not quite so tired.

  2. Anyone who is sexually insecure enough to disregard a game system because of a couple of games that feature cartoon characters doesn’t deserve to bask in the ecstasy that is Nintendo.

  3. nintendo has always geared to two types of pepole, gamers and kids. the other two companies focus on main stream pepole. the problem with that were left sequels and when something is innovative, it slips through the cracks and is lost. what nintendo does so well are very well polished games that dont usally have a lot of mindless violence and gore, and guess what? they are acuttally fun to play!! it’s sad that real gamers have become the minority and the industry is controlled by gamers that don’t really know anything about games. so i hope that nintendo does well in the next cycle of consoles because if would be a sad day if nintendo goes away and gamers would nave to put up with dynasty warriors53 and grand theft auto: methuen edition.

  4. I agree with everyone above.
    A fun game is a fun game, no matter what it looks like.
    The day Nintendo quits the console business, I will quit gaming.
    There is no company that has the potential to replace Nintendo.
    But as you said, most “Gamers” these days are no gamers but mainstream victims. (just read )
    I think Nintendo got the kiddy image because of the N64. At least over here it just wasn’t cool to have N64. So they had to have a point, why PS1 is better and I think “kiddy games” was the only one they could find.

  5. Yes, I agree. The gamecube has been labeled kiddy. But the launch games aren’t all to blame. Blame the shape and color too.

    As for shaking this off Next generation, the hardware design has improved 1000 times but I have yet to see the more mature oriented games. Of course, we know absolutely nothing bout revolution and its games. If it’s going to be the affordable console that everyone gets because its the cheapest, most simplistic, they still need mature oriented games so people dont think its so cheap because its a toy.

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