DS to become Wiimote for the road?

Lucky me. As I was preparing to hit the road for dinner, I decided to check the Nintendo gossip rags one more time and I found this gem. Rumor is that some developers for the DS Lite have received an updated motion sensing cartridge that will be used to completely control games like Tony Hawk Downhill Jam (for the DS). Oh, and the DS Lite-as-a-Wii-controller bit has resurfaced again, too.

From the rumor-filled email:
“One of the first games that will use this gyro-sensor is Tony Hawk Downhill Jam for the DS. You’ll have to tilt your DS from left to right to steer your skater down the hill. This will give us the feeling like we’re playing with our Nintendo Wii on the road […] Games like Excite Truck and Tony Hawk Downhill Jam for Nintendo Wii will allow you to connect your Nintendo DS (lite) wireless with your Nintendo Wii. The DS will be used as a controller. Don’t expect too much of this feature since the gyro-sensor cartridge for the DS isn’t as accurate as the Wiimote.”

This would be cool in small doses, but for now I’ll remain the cynical skeptic. In fact the huge grain of salt I had to take with this news killed my appetite and I’ll probably just play games all night as I wait for the sodium-induced heart attack to kill me. Previous portable-to-console setups have backfired in the past, but is this time different? Here’s to Leipzig, regardless.