Weekend Discussion: The Other Guys


Over the course of this week, we have had a few amazing discussion with varying opinions on what Nintendo should do, their future, and even a bit about their past.  So, let’s turn the tables a bit.  If Nintendo has so much “Catch up” to do, in order to get on the same level as Sony and Microsoft (according to some opinions), then what is it that has made those other two companies achieve their positions?

When discussing, let’s keep it tailored to their video game divisions.  Even though they have other divisions that can make up for lost sales, many companies frown on spreading that money to other divisions if at all possible.  Feel free to speak towards their innovations that made them successful.  But again, let’s not forget that Nintendo has been one of the most innovative gaming companies out there.  Let’s also keep these discussion civil in manner, and please cite your sources to ensure your arguments are backed up.

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