Nintendo Evolution

DS Fanboy has an article up in which they state that the DS Lite is the final piece in the puzzle of Nintendo’s new design philosophy. The D-pads are the most obvious move towards the consolidation of their current and upcoming game systems. They say that Nintendo is aiming for and needs “a strong identity, a universal image that simultaneously introduces itself to the world and encourages people to get to know it better.”

Since this most likely is the case, here’s some food for thought: The Game Boy Micro was released really late in the GB’s life cycle, supposedly as a temporary project for the fashion conscious. The DS Lite was released relatively early in the DS’ life. The just-as-sexy Revolution is coming out in a few months. Do you think there is an ulterior motive here? Is Nintendo really just offering more options for the consumers or are they using that as an excuse/opportunity to give themselves a makeover?

[Source: DS Fanboy]