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DS Fanboy has an article up in which they state that the DS Lite is the final piece in the puzzle of Nintendo’s new design philosophy. The D-pads are the most obvious move towards the consolidation of their current and upcoming game systems. They say that Nintendo is aiming for and needs “a strong identity, a universal image that simultaneously introduces itself to the world and encourages people to get to know it better.”

Since this most likely is the case, here’s some food for thought: The Game Boy Micro was released really late in the GB’s life cycle, supposedly as a temporary project for the fashion conscious. The DS Lite was released relatively early in the DS’ life. The just-as-sexy Revolution is coming out in a few months. Do you think there is an ulterior motive here? Is Nintendo really just offering more options for the consumers or are they using that as an excuse/opportunity to give themselves a makeover?

[Source: DS Fanboy]


  1. Put it this way. It can’t hurt to look good AND have a great product. No one can fault Nintendo for looking liek Apple because the only similarity is in casing design, not content. As Sony scrambles to be this chaotic, muti-faceted multimedia machine, you’ll have Nintendo doing one thing, and doing it right at every level of the market. Oh, and they’ll look damn sexy too — a fresh breath for a company that has been criticized for making a Cube or being ‘too kiddy.’

  2. Am I the only one that thinks Nintendo still has a thing or two to learn about design? I wouldn’t call the DS Lite “sleek” or “elegant” like an iPod. It’s white like an iPod. But it looks like an anorexic DS, all sucked in with its hip bones showing. And the Rev controller doesn’t have a great design to it, either. It’s a jumble of buttons on a stick. I’m sure it will control like heaven, but the thing isn’t sexy. I’m expecting an update to the design before launch. The actual Rev console looks pretty nice.

  3. this is called “market flooding”. By having more products to choose from you take away from the competitors. look at the Ipod. How many different types of ipods are there? and eeryone come in at least 2 different options. and the new ones in 2 color choices. So even the little kid can afford one and the bussinessman can have his too. Make them look good, ad probably got a big segement of the market. Nintendo is trying to kill the PSP fast, so noone will try it again. The PSP is selling a lot since it is a very good machine, but the problem is that it was designed as a media player and for that it sucks a lot. you really can’t use directories like %3422%%-tsffw% everyday. Why could they just rename them “videos”? because it was rushed to market. not counting the lack of games

  4. what? considering electronics sexy?? women are sexy, not your tv or your cellphone… let’s hope you don’t masturbate looking at things like those. Is there a “Ipod sexual fetish” websites you guys can look into?


  5. Nintendo is smart to be pushing a brand image right now. They have the most products on the market, and their competitors are both changing their image with their new consoles. Good marketing move.

  6. “what? considering electronics sexy?? women are sexy, not your tv or your cellphone”

    C’mon man, dont you have any metaphoric sense whatsoever?

    Sexy doesn’t only refer to women. Have you ever said something looked “hot”? Did you mean that it would burn you if you touch it? Of course not. Likewise no is masturbating to their ipods. Well unless you count steve jobs. 🙂

    But seriously, everytime someone says this thing is sexy, someone else pops in and makes a post like this guy. Get a grip people. Sexy refers to something having nice lines, and clean attractive features. Its very simple.

  7. Well just look at the PSP. Slick and it has nice lines, its clean and has attractive features ;).

    DS playes better but it is not as asteticly pleaseing. My cell phone does everything a razor phone does but the razor is prettier so its obviously better(and more expensive)

    I believe it is part market flooding and also justifies lowering to cost of the present DS design. How many people bought a GBA, GBASP, and a Micro. Add that with the people who finaly say, man the SP looks bad ass, or hey the Micro will fit in my pocket and will also fit in my Ipod Pocket that came with my Levis.

    Nintendo overlooked the design much and left functionality so if the DS failed they could say “Damn i am glad we didn’t pay twice as much to make it pretty!” (Sony weeps about that thought now). So now DS is doing good so they can add things.

    I think Nintenso nudges out a good product to see if it does good. Upgrades things because it does good. It’s called playign it safe. Nintendo+Profit.

  8. Oops.

    Nintedo = Profit..

  9. “man the SP looks bad ass” is a better term. but sexy is just sick & freaky.

    “Man that Widescreen Tv of soooo sexyy… I just wanna…..!” gadget freaks, hello!

    just tell you parents you consider that PSP sexy, and you’re off to rehab!! hahaha

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