Nintendo E3 06 Conference: Wii

Since Blake got lost somewhere in Reggie’s PR babble, here’s a rundown of all the important Wii details.

  • Shiggs comes out in a tux and conducts a virtual orchestra with a revmote. Proceeds to dance with a video montage.
  • “Playing = Believing” is their E3- and possibly Wii- tagline.
  • Speaker in the Revmote confirmed. Gives you “depth of sound”.
  • Rumble and nunchuk motion sensors confirmed.
  • Flight sim shown. Probably an early Pilotwings build.
  • Metroid Prime 3 Corruption shown. Graphics ok, gameplay impressive.
  • WarioWare: Smooth Moves shown. Looks zanier than ever.
  • Super Mario Galaxy debuted. Amazing-looking visuals and control. This is a new Mario.
  • Twilight Princess shown on Wii. Interesting gameplay, but a bit off precision-wise. Game will be available on Wii launch day. GameCube version and Wii version planned, 2 seperate discs.
  • New Nintendo published IPs introduced. Disaster: Day of Crisis, a Day After Tomorrow type of survival affair, looks incredibly interesting. Hammer-wielding cyborgs in Project H.A.M.M.E.R., and Excite Truck takes over for the Excitebike series.
  • Also shown: Dragon Quest Swords, Fire Emblem, Sponge Bob Square Pants, Cars, SD Gundamn G Breaker, Tony Hawk Downhill Jam, Sengoku Action, Elebits, Red Steel, Rayman 4, Super Swing Gold Pangya, Sonic, Finalfurlong Revolution, Madden, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.
  • Wii Sports will be a launch title. Will include Tennis, Golf, and Baseball on one disc.
  • Wii Connect 24: a hardware feature that keep your Wii connected to the internet at all times. “This means that developers can push a new weapon or vehicle to you even while you sleep. Anytime the console is in standby, players may return to find that their friends have left a message or a gift.”
  • 27 playable titles on the show floor tomorrow, not including Virtual Console games.

I thought it was sort of a weak (with info) show overall. Not much substance to it and the audience’s reactions indicate they felt the same way. Price, date, and Virtual Console deets weren’t divulged. The best part had to be the tennis match at the end with Iwata, Reggie, Shiggs, and the AOL contest winner. Shiggy has a wicked topspin backhand.

Blake will have game impressions come tomorrow.