Nintendo DS Lite impressions

Lik-Sang puts it best regarding the soon-to-be released DS Lite in their hands-on impressions of the new handheld: “The new edition has for sure a fashionable look, and appears more modern than the previous model… All in all, a well done piece of hardware is what it is.”

Must get new DS Lite (spoken in my best Nintendo zombie buying voice).


  1. Arggg I dont know if I should import it now, or wait ’til its released in the U.S.

  2. just wait for it.

  3. Just import it.

  4. sheesh… waiting gives you something to look forward too…

    Just do it.

  5. Yeah, but instant satisfaction is was freedom is all about (and besides, you’ve waited this long)!

    I mean, how fair is it to sit there on March 2 and think, “Man, all the Japanese kids get to play with one, but I have to wait a few months. I wish I were Japanese.”

    At which point you would begin to cry and/or slit your wrists.

    Why put yourself through that, Anony?

    Importing is definately the wave of the future! Don’t be left without a surfboard!

    Importing for all! Hoorah!

  6. I should be getting one tomorrow here in Japan. I will let you know how it is.

  7. By the time I get the money together for the new Lite, it will be just arriving in the U.S….

    I have to wait!

  8. It would be really hard for me to convince the wife that I should get one when the Rev is just around the corner …….

  9. Well Dougboy74 – you are lucky! I ordered mine from Lik-Sang I really wanted a navy one but they will only be shipping white – I’ll live!

    There’s also something cool about having the Japanese version – the text etc…

    Order one now and sit under your letter box.

    @MisterInvisible – erm, I would lie 🙂

  10. I have the same wife problem as MisterInvisible. The trick is to get her something, too!

    Nah. There is no trick. If your wife says no, be a good husband. But it’s okay to beg every once and a while. (Worked for me!)

    And as The Real Floyd Hayes mentioned, woul dbe the place to import.

  11. I will let everyone of the readers out there. The DS Lite is ALL THAT! I am glad that I have one in my hands! You just gotta get one of these. Take my word for it.

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