Mario & Sonic sell 5 million, follow up uncertain

Mario and Sonic gameMario & Sonic at the Olympic Games for Wii and DS has sold a combined five million copies to date, but that success doesn’t necessarily mean another collaboration between Nintendo and Sega developers is a sure thing.

“Getting Mario and Sonic together in the first place took so long, every decade, to make that happen,” Sega of America COO and president Simon Jeffery said in a phone interview with Next Generation. “So I think rushing into any other collaboration is not going to happen. It’s going to be fairly calculated.”

Launched on November 6, the game was published by Sega in the West and Nintendo in Japan. Throughout it all, the watchful eye of Shigeru Miyamoto was allegedly ever present.

Personally, I was hoping that a game that finally united two of the 1990’s most iconic video game rivals would have been something, I dunno, different than a game centered around the Olympics. With all this success, however, is it too much for a guy to ask that the next one, should it be made, be Mario and Sonic No Holds Barred Cage Deathmatch?