Nintendo: "Don’t Share Friend Codes"

A moderator on the Nintendo Forum has posted the following: “You are not permitted to share your NWC id or friend code on a post, in your profile, through PM, or in a sig. Please do not discuss other ways of sharing codes either. This policy was created by Nintendo of America and we have been asked to follow these rules.”

That doesn’t make much sense. Why have a unique ID number, if they discourage its use. Granted, this may be to protect and child’s identity, but last I checked you can’t chat in Mario Kart or communicate in any other way besides racing. Right?

[Source: Nintendo]


  1. doesn’t say you can’t use them… just says not to give them out…

  2. Nintendo is just covering bases.

    Basic chat room rules.

    If something does happen, Nintendo can say hey, see the rule.

    Worked for the first Willy Wonka, could work for Nintendo.

  3. This way if you or your child is kidnapped by someone they met playing online, Nintendo is not liable. As if the official forums are the ONLY way people can exchange friend codes… The forums are just the only place that Nintendo could be held liable, so now they can say “we warned you” if it happens.

  4. Trust me when I say this…that place has been in an absolute uproar over that. People arn’t happy.

    Though I see Ninty’s point…I don’t agree with it

  5. Like Anon sed, it’s a precaution. It’s no big deal to anyone here or any other blog at the least. We trade codes more than we swap socks.

  6. It’s my understanding that the same codes will be used in other games. So, maybe they are thinging of the future with games like Animal Crossing.

  7. I neen an explainer.

    Are the codes part of the Mario Kart disc, or are they something built into the DS unit?

    If it’s in the unit then the rule is in place for future software, which could possibly include chat or some kind of other interaction in-game.

    Since Nintendo has taken the “protect young hearts and minds” approach with DS and Wi-Fi, then this policy is meant for games other than what currently exists.

    If it’s just for Mario Kart however, I don’t see any harm in giving out codes… unless they are preparing for some kind of hack that allows chat or something.

  8. Well the WiFi ID should be kept to urself as that’s what signifies ur DS to Nintendo whenever u sign on. The friend code is different, those r meant to be traded. No hack will allow chat, that’s not the problem. I think it’s just the act of ppl communicating on their boards about it that’s the problem. If anything happens, they’re exempt. Don’t worry about this, it doesn’t affect u unless the Nintendo forums r the only place u can talk to ppl. Obviously they aren’t.

  9. Yes, you can communicate. You can voice chat with your friends.

    However, I’d wish for Nintendo to lighten up. We want clans. The only way for a HUGE Wi-Fi community to spark is to link the Nintendo forums.

    And avoid creepy old men.

  10. As I’ve been telling everyone, CALL NINTENDO and complain about this. I hear that they’re on the fence about changing this, but with support I’m sure it’ll change. Please do your part! 🙂

  11. I understand protecting children.

    But for Nintendo to have been talking about baking cookies for years, and then they finally bake the cookies and give them to us – but then for them to say, “NO, Don’t Eat The Cookies!” is foolish.

  12. “Yes, you can communicate. You can voice chat with your friends.”
    Since when?

    Will u guys calm down. This is just a disclaimer for their forums and only their forums. Not like any of us actually go there. They’re not saying that no one should trade them, either.What’s the hubub?

  13. This is soooo lame! I really understand why nintendo avoided voice-chat and the likes for MK:DS, but (be it just for rules or not) to not exchange the codes is just plain ridiculous!

    That´s like not using the www for sending mails, because someone could misuse your personal data… meh!!!

  14. They have to cover their rear ends, guys. Video game lawsuits, as we all know, are some of the most frivolous, money-grubbing of all frivolous lawsuits.

    Besides, as you all have said yourselves, there are 12 billion other ways to exchange friends codes, so who cares if you can’t do it at ONE message board on the entire internet.

  15. And how many of you are going to pay for the lawsuit that Nintendo get hits with when a kid get kidnapped after posting his friend code on the official Nintendo message board?

    Yeah, it’s going to happen anyway, but that won’t be on Nintendo watch. And that’s what the judge is going to look at.

    Besides friend codes are for as Nintendo says, for friends and you shouldn’t give it out to strangers, just like you shouldn’t give you email out. It’s what you have to do these days to not be liable for people’s stupidity.

    So as they could make an exception for Mario Kart, you try explaining that to a Judge that THIS game is ok to give the code out to strangers, but THIS one isn’t…

    I’m still waiting for Microsoft to get in trouble. Maybe when they get that video camera on Live.

  16. Oh, but don’t worry, it’s different on Xbox Live because only ADULTS play Xbox and Nintendo systems are all for little babies just waiting to be kidnapped 😛 *rolls eyes*

  17. It’s a lot of fuss over just Nintendo owned forums! Besides it is their forums so it’s their rules.

  18. I believe this message is for the kids that go to their site. Just to cover thier bases of something going wrong. Kids nowadays use the internet a lot, so they will give out their code in other places like neopets & things like that, but predators will find a easier way to contact those little kids. I think this is a problem of the internet & everyone should be aware of this, and be careful of your children are doing and who their talking to.

  19. I’m not sure I understand… how exactly could allowing a stranger to play Mario Kart with you cause you to be kidnapped? The way I understand it, the friend codes are unique to Mario Kart, and other games will use different codes, so I don’t think it’s about a future chat-enabled program.

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