We’re Number One – top sellers for the week

Mario Party 8 hostHere are the number one Wii and DS games sold around the world this week:

North America: Mario Party 8
EU/UK: Mario Strikers Charged Football
Japan: BioHazard 4 Wii Edition

North America: Pokemon Diamond
UK: Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training
Japan: Miru Chikara o Jissen de Kitaeru: DS Ganryoku Training

The #1 Japanese DS title, which will be known as Medicara in other territories, sounds very interesting to me.  From the description on  Siliconera, it seems like it might be a reaction training game.

It’s not a big surprise that Mario Party 8 took the top spot.  But for those of you who have bought the game, is it worthy of being #1 this week?