Nintendo Direct My Thoughts

imagesWe had a pretty fun Nintendo Direct yesterday morning.  I’ve had some time now to think, digest, and now I will regurgitate my thoughts. Okay, first off, I’m pretty excited about the whole Year of Luigi thing.  Luigi’s Mansion looks pretty cool.  It looks like they added some good puzzle-solving elements to the ghost-hunting gameplay.  Also, I’m pumped for Mario & Luigi.  I’m a tad weirded out by the fact that you’re inside of Luigi’s dream, and the gameplay footage shows Luigi’s face creepily hanging out in the sky, but hey, it’s a good franchise and I’m reserving my judgment until I have a chance to play it.  I’m sure it will be really fun.  Mario & Luigi games always are.  And I loved Mario Golf when it first came out, so that could be a fun throwback.

Next came probably what I’m most excited about.  Monster Hunter.  I cannot wait.  I really can’t.  The game just looks beautiful, and I’m really curious to see how well the interoperability works between consoles.  It’s a great idea, and I hope it works well.  You can play the game on the WiiU, then just transfer everything over to your 3DS and keep playing the same game.  Not to mention, you can form a party of players using a WiiU and 3DSs.  It sounds lovely. Speaking of lovely…Castlevania.  Castlevania Castlevania Castlevania.  Dat gameplay footage.  The fighting looks so beautiful and fluid.  So yeah, add that to the list of games I’m excited for.

There was also a slew of downloadable games for the 3DS.  HarmoKnight looks like a fun Bit Trippy game from GameFreak.  Mario & DK will probably be pretty solid.  And Kersploosh…eh, it might be pretty fun.  Looks like a casual game you could play on your smartphone, but maybe it’ll work on the 3DS.  Dillon’s Rolling Western looks pretty neat, too.  I do love me some tower defense.

Finally, of course, a shoutout goes to Animal Crossing and LEGO City, which both look pretty solid.Overall, I was pretty pleased with the Direct this morning.  There are some games coming out in the next couple months that I’m really looking forward to. First on that list is going to have to be Monster Hunter, followed by Castlevania and Luigi’s Mansion. What was your favorite part of the Nintendo Direct?  Excited about the Year of Luigi?