Infendo Writer Possibly Right

Direct quote straight from MisterInvisible‘s tip. Pay attention to the last line:

“There are rumors that the Revolution could be released as early as June,” says Akiteru Itoh of Tokyo-based game-research outfit Media Create. “If that happens, and Nintendo sells around 1 million units, Sony would have a harder time catching up.”

Sounds like Rollin’s gut feeling of a summer release might not be far off.

Thank you.


  1. That would be awesome, I can buy a Revolution in the summer and start saving for PS3 (assuming it has the PS3 has a reasonable launch lineup…)

    I love gaming mmm.


    I DO wish you guys are right… I’m saving enough money just in case there are 9 musthave games on system launch.

  3. I hope it’s true, but I doubt it. What about pre-orders? It’s almost April, that only leaves 2 months to take pre-orders and build more hype. And what about E3? All will be revealed then, but I do’nt see them releasing so closely after E3, and risking another Saturn incident, although I do have faith that if this is what happens, Nintendo has done its homework and totally knows what it’s doing 🙂

  4. Please, God.


  5. Please, it could come out tomorrow and NOT do a Saturn. Because you think Nintendo would tell third parties when the system is ready before going out on it’s own to be first, unlike SEGA.

    Anyway, a summer launch? Well it’d be Japan only if it did happen. See the N64. They’ll wait till Fall to do America.

    It’d be nice to get it early..but it’ll be here quicker then you know it..hopefully with a short Italian plumber

  6. Hey now, stop using history to predict the future. That doesn’t work anymore. And remember, they did say a 14-week global launch would be in effect. Chances are that America may get it first.

  7. Wow, that would be fantastic!! I could get one before come back to my country, I’ll be spending some time at US and a June/July release would be perfect!! I hope I can come back with a Revo and a DS Lite 😀


  8. Best Infendo headline ever. I sprayed coffee out my nose over that, Rollin!

  9. I don’t think it’s outside the realms of possibility at all. There have been plenty of comparisons drawn between Nintendo and Apple lately, even more since the design of Revolution was released, so Nintendo could very easily ‘pull an Apple’ with the Revolution release.

    How many times in the past couple of years has Apple announced/revealed a new ipod/mac at a press conference and had it in stores worldwide pretty much the next day? Now I’m not saying Nintendo would launch that quickly, but a summer launch, 1 or 2 months after a full reveal at E3 is possible, and Apple have shown that it can also be done without too much leaking out about the product, exactly what we have with Nintendo just now, it could just be the ace up their sleeves that they need

  10. I think a summer-ish launch is quite possible seeing how the PS3 is being launched round November-ish time. We also know that they want to get it in America by thanks giving and a world wide launch within a 14 week period (or something involving the words 14 weeks). However I think we should bare in mind that technically the guy said he ‘hoped’ for a 14 week global launch and that whatever Sony did was likely to effect Nintendo’s launch.

    I agree with David Bell, seeing how Nintendo is a student of Apple, they may well have a go at a suddenly launch. That said I don’t think it will be straight after E3, but like David said, probably a month or 2 after E3. Seeing how Apple released the MacBook Pro in February it would keep within Apple’s style. However we must also bare in mind evidence to go against the idea, such as the fact that Apple has loads of Apple stores and authorized retailers they can ship out to whereas Nintendo will be dealing with normal retailers.

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