Nintendo could be Market Leader…Again

In a recent interview with, NOE’s Jim Merrick believes the Revolution controller “Certainly could make [Nintendo] a market leader.” That would make sense since he is a Nintendo employee, but that’s what a lot of people, even non-Nintendo people are saying.

Best one liners:

  • “Here we are, about to throw away 20 years of controller designs – designs which Nintendo came up with. There will be an influence on the industry, absolutely.”
  • “It works with LCDs, plasma screens, projectors… Everything. I guarantee it.”
  • “Put it this way. Without making a commitment, if I went to E3 2006 and didn’t end up playing the Revolution, I’d be very disappointed.”
  • Speaking about additional revolution information: “Let’s just say we have more surprises in store,” he said.

Nice words and can’t wait to see what else they will unveil. Are you concerned with Nintendo becoming a market leader again? I know a lot of you, including myself, would be happy so long as Nintendo keeps making great games. But market dominance could ensure that happens for many years to come, if not at a faster pace.

[Source: Games Industry]


  1. It would be great for Nintendo to get a bigger piece of the pie in this next-gen race. But, would I want Nintendo to be market leader again?

    The answer is NO!

    I want Nintendo to always be innovative and for this to happen they need to be fighting for their place in the market (just like we are seeing now). And on top of that, Nintendo didn’t play nice when they were market leaders in the past.

  2. I love the Big N, and this was informative, but this one right here:

    “Put it this way. Without making a commitment, if I went to E3 2006 and didn’t end up playing the Revolution, I’d be very disappointed.”

    Is PR and marketing at its .. finest (worst?). In effect he promised absolutely nothing while telling you exactly what you wanted to hear!

  3. I doubt that Nintendo being market leader would somehow remove their innovation. Even after the huge success of SNES they still innovated with the 64. If anything, if they were market leader I would think they’d try even harder to stay at the top.

  4. Not too bothered about leading the market, but would certainly like them to be a bit more competitive that they are at the mo.

    Market leaders tend to adopt a “if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it attitude” and so it’s often left to the competitors to provide the innovation.

  5. Yamauchi was a big part of the Pre-Iwata Nintendo’s arrogance the only balancing factor was Miyamoto and Nitnedo’s talented developers’ game development genius.

  6. I doubt they’ll be market leaders again, but if they are going to make a comeback, this is the generation to do it.

  7. I certainly hope so, that’ll really shut the Sony fanboys up good.
    But what many people don’t realise is… Nintendo are ALREADY dominating the market! Nintendo doesn’t equal Gamecube, they get most of their profits from the GBASP and DS, and now Micro. Eg in Japan, currently the DS is holding about 50% of total market share. Nintendo is dominating the market, even without counting Gamecube, GBA SP and Micro sales.
    Ninty is a little worse off in the States, tohugh they are also dominating. For people who think Sony are in lead, get this. The DS and GBA SP combined are outselling the PSP, and Micro and Gamecube combined almost make up PS2 sales, and overall Nintendo top it off.

  8. Nintendo should not pay attention to market share….they should try to make a profit and great games.
    Of course it’s great to be the market leader, but it doesn’t matter as much as profit and satisfied customers do…

  9. mmmmmm… last I remmeber, everyone drop out of the n64… thanks to a little innovation they rooted against, the CD…

    I could care less if they become number 1, or 2 or stay at 3, as long as nintendo keeps being making good ORIGINAL games. maybe somthing new for mario kart, bringing some new suits for mario like the racoon, how about some new enemies? how about a sequel to super mario bros. 2? some old franchises like star tropics, hogan’s alley, those river city ransom soccer games, etc… how about a racing simulator against gran turismo & forza?

  10. @annonymous: The CD drive sure is an innovation to gaming, but seriously, it wasn’t necessary. PS1 games are on average about 30 megs in size, using a CD is a waste. N64 cartridges on the other hand are hrader to damage, and also has no loading times.
    Btw, the CD drive first came out on a SEGA console, for you interest.

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