Kid that mows my lawn: “Ocarina is better than Majora”

The neighborhood boy that mows my lawn approached me after cutting my grass yesterday. He’s 14. “Have you ever played Majora’s Mask?” he asked me.

“No,” I replied, it being one of only two Zeldas I’ve never played (the other being Link’s Awakening). “Man, it’s so annoying,” he countered. “You have to keep playing your flute while fending off enemies etc…” He then went off talking about things I didn’t know.

Once he finished, I asked if he played Ocarina. “That’s a good game,” he answered with solemnity. There was a reverence to his tone. “Which do you like better?” I asked. “Ocarina, all the way.”

This wasn’t the first time I’ve encountered a young teenager playing the classics. But I swear of all the legacy games I hear younger generations going back to play, Zelda is the most popular. In many ways, the series is more timeless than even Mario, at least with young bucks that manicure my front yard or whom I attend church with.

For older folks in the room: What retro game is most popular among the younglings you mingle with?