Nintendo at PAX: Hey, check out these games that have been out for a while

Nintendo will be a PAX this weekend, so if you’re going to be there check out these brand new games that have been out for a while:

OK, OK. There are some NEW ones too. I was kidding.

Nintendo Comes to Play at Penny Arcade Expo [Press Release]

The upcoming Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle will give consumers their first-ever chance to play key upcoming Wiiâ„¢ and Nintendo DSâ„¢ games like New Super Mario Bros.â„¢ Wii, The Legend of Zeldaâ„¢: Spirit Tracks and Mario & Luigiâ„¢: Bowser’s Inside Story. The recently launched Metroidâ„¢ Prime: Trilogy, Wii Sports Resortâ„¢ and Professor Layton and the Diabolical Boxâ„¢ will also be on hand at the Nintendo booth (#352).

Additionally, Nintendo will debut a new WiiWare™ game at the booth: Pokémon Rumble. Pokémon Rumble lets you battle with Pokémon like never before. Up to four players at once can team up and unleash powerful attacks as enemies surround them in this action-packed game.

In addition to the playable games at the booth, Nintendo has invited artists to create one-of-a-kind animations using the Flipnote Studioâ„¢ application for the Nintendo DSiâ„¢ system. Throughout the Sept. 4-6 show, a professional artist will be on hand nearly every hour at a special area in the South Lobby (#S-3) to showcase the many ways that people can use Flipnote Studio to create original works of art.

Some of the artists scheduled to be on hand include creative talents from the world of comic books and video games like Scott Kurtz (PvP), Eric Jones (DC Comics: Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade), Christina Strain (Marvel Comics: Runaways), Mike Choi (Marvel: X-Force), Edison Yan (5th Cell: Scribblenauts) and Ryan Jones (Telltale Games: Tales of Monkey Island).

Flipnote Studio is a Nintendo DSiWareâ„¢ application that is available for download at no cost. Nintendo DSi owners can download Flipnote Studio and draw a series of images that, when animated, resemble looking at pictures drawn on a notepad. Users can share their Flipnotes with others using the Nintendo DSi local wireless feature or through a broadband Internet connection. Flipnote Studio makes it easy for anyone to jump in and create animations, regardless of their artistic abilities.