Nintendo 64 Kid has the last laugh

While some people have to work hard for their dinero (heck, Mario has to bash his head against blocks), others get mad amounts of cash by simply geeking out on camera. The latest Internet celebrity, the Nintendo 64 Kid, can proudly say his parent’s console investment was profitable, with the end of his eBay auction leaving him $1051 richer. Yes, someone decided to drop a grand on a ten year old system that you can buy at a yard sale for less than 20 bucks.

Seriously, is this all it takes to make money these days? If that’s the case, my wife is going to have a camera ready on the day Wii launches, as my nerdy shrieks and childish squeals combined with my spastic swinging of the Wiimote will make the N64 Kid seem downright comatose. Just think, if he’s able to sell his PS3 for a grand ten years from now, he’ll only make a $300-$400 profit.

[via Kotaku]